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Project Almanac (2014)

Project Almanac (2014)

There's just something about time travel that makes any movie about time travel so... awesome! Plot inconsistencies are never inconsistent in a time travel movie are they. Or maybe: the potential inconsistencies with time travel force the script writers to really revise their script and get rid of all potential flaws. The movie? I loved it.

It's different from most time travel movies in how it's filmed in close-up, mostly third-person but sometimes first-person view, the person behind the camera usually our main character's sister, also an involved persona in the plot. The main character, David (convincingly acted by Jonny Weston), finds the prototype of a time machine in his dead dad's basement, shortly after finding a video camera in the attic where, in footage of his 7th birthday party (right before his dad left) he sees himself, his current self, in the mirror... in the video.

Together with a select few friends, he tries to get the machine to work, accompanied by his sister Christie, who does a great job at documenting the whole thing. I start wondering if she actually was holding in the camera most of the time... which goes to show it really feels convincing. I usually don't like shaky cam, but this is one exception to the rule, where the Blair Which-style filming actually makes me immerse myself in the movie, and seems to stay still just often enough that I get to enjoy the most exciting moments without them getting all shook up and grainy. Overall the filming's creative and very effectual...

...and the plot: it's great. The feedback loops were genuinely scary. The swirling items, the whole surrounding impact of each moment of time travel was surreal. The actors were all convincing, their characters intimate and unique. The story is intense, and though it starts off somewhat normal (I started watching without very high expectations), it quickly spirals away from the norm, deforming, going in unwanted directions as most of these time travel movies do. But, time travel plot twist: it's all about a girl.

I feel like I need to see this movie again in a while and make sure I'm not rating it unnecessarily high, but my first impressions are off the charts. It was a refreshing take on the time travel idea, intense, creative, fast-paced and full of feeling.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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