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Rage (2014)

Rage (2014)

What a sad movie this was, a stylistically grimy action movie about a retired killer who's forced back into the game when one day his daughter disappears... and soon after is found under a bridge, dead, shot with a Russian weapon. He wages war on the Russian mob, only to find out that it was his own gun that killed his daughter, that it was his own mistake that made him doubt and kill his second best friend, and brought back the past that had his best friend killed, and that ultimately had himself killed, sitting on his bed, in his home, speaking on the phone to his wife about the regrets of his life. How maybe it would all have been different if nobody next had handed him a knife.

It's a sad, but stylishly portrayed story, with good actors, and twists I did not expect. Good, but also very depressing.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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