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Rainbow Road

Just gotta write a bit real quick about my ride from work yesterday.

It wasn't anything special at first, just another day on the freeway.

It started with a pitter-patter of raindrops, and a slight annoyance at how my windshield wipers don't seem to be working perfectly - maybe there's some kind of coating left from the surplus winter salt. But suddenly the clouds were gone, the rain was gone, the sun was bright, and the pavement so blinding you could barely see the contours of the cars in front of you, all immersed in a cascade of water.

We rode on as if in a shallow river, our tires throwing up trails of droplets that caught the light as well, as if we were collectively driving through the haze of a wondrous waterfall, the waterway below it swerving one way or the other, all of us chasing the haze in unison.

I tried to look towards my blind spot while I changed lanes, but couldn't see a thing through the tinted back windows. We drove through two short tunnels, and they were both pitch black until a moment after you entered them, the light so blinding outside your eyes barely managed to adjust.

I looked in my side mirror to see a bright double rainbow rising behind us against dark blue clouds, and so we chased on through the blinding light, and haze, in a breakneck highway rumble... then that too faded, I turned off the big road and rolled in home.

Was a pretty unusual ride after all.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021

    since when did you stop taking the bus...

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/9/2021

    Since corona. :/

    Bought a car last year to get to work without mingling and unnecessarily endanger my aging parents, though not particularly environmental it does have its moments ^

  3. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/10/2021

    Haven't been taking a bus in ages though btw. Since school. Commuter train the last ~~5 years or so.

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