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Rainy Day And Head Away

It's a rainy day today, so I'm sitting inside and thinking about frontflips.

Figured I'd open this with something unexpected. Can't neglect this. Surprise factor. Good to be eclectic. So almost Wyclific. Ecstatic electric. Like a settler in the nexus of Mars... some day maybe gas prices won't plummet and we'll wreck all our cars, and take a trek to the stars instead. They're vexing and large. To eat a Mars bar or bread, to eat tasty or be well-fed? Regal is Seagal level, feel me? Now begone monger it's the monarch. No equal peeps. It's me the Cyberdevil.

Anyway I'm sitting in.

Took a walk in the rain, the sleet and water slippery beneath our feet, and I've a headache, cause the week's been busy. Been late nights and early mornings and I tend to relax and catch up on sleep when it's all over, which unfortunately has such head-related a side-effect sometimes.

I've felt pretty good about those mornings though.

I'm slowly working on better routines. Feeling like the days are stretched out in front of me when I manage, and feeling like I do manage more in the time I have because of it, though it's probably an illusion of will.

The sunlight (or no sun, but light) is seemingly making time progress slower than it really is. When the day's done it's not like I actually had time for more, but I willed myself to do more that was worthwhile, and THAT is the benefit of early mornings.

In regard to the car troubles I mentioned briefly in the last weekly: they're not fixed.

I thought they were for a while.

I got back home and the display turned off, as it should, and I drove in to work last week thinking it was all over, yet halfway through the day the car alarm started blaring, I went out and turned it off and realized the AC panel was on again, so I disconnected the battery... alas it was too late.

Maybe the car alarm was a warning sign. A built in signal of such things occurring; that something was awry.

I had a premonition I might be in trouble at the end of the day, but work hours were still a thing so I just disconnected the cable and went back in and worked the rest of the day and when it was time to leave I connected the battery again aaand the car wouldn't start!

Moments earlier - when I was connecting the cable again - another car had actually momentarily parked right behind mine, and a guy ran and out to fetch something from a neighboring company locale (we're housed in a complex of 'em - offices and accompanying garages/warehouses side by side), and I pondered asking them to stay, or for assistance, but how could I do that before I knew the battery was actually empty?

Just as I started trying to start the car they drove away...

Fortunately another car came by just minutes later, and they had both starter cables and a spare battery in their office, and car problems of their own, and so before I'd had the time to properly panic and lock the car door and go looking for potential help in some adjacent building (lights were off in all nearby offices) rescue came. The engine started fine, I let the car run a few minutes to build up an initial charge, and that was that! I drove off.

Saved by a stranger.

I thanked him greatly but wondered after driving away if I should've maybe offered some form of monetary compensation for the assist too... or is this just something you normally do if you find someone in a similar situation? What's the social; moral norm in such circumstance?

It took a while before the battery really started charging up properly as I drove home this time.

I wonder if the battery's getting weaker.

When we jumpstarted the car at home it seemed energetic right from the start, though maybe the other car battery was better then too, and maybe the car was on a bit longer before I drove away that time, and maybe since it was day the slightly higher outdoor temperature had an effect too.

This time I actually turned off stereo and AC for a while to let all available charge go straight to the battery. The engine seemed a little hesitant, like it might just die down if I didn't step on the gas sufficiently when I geared up.

I wonder if repeated attempts at unsuccessfully starting a car can have some detrimental effects too.

Each time I tried to start the car this time the dash symbols/lights flickered repeatedly - there was still some power - it just wasn't enough.

I've read that with older cars you sometimes need to press the gas a bit as you turn the key, but I assume that might not have anything to do with the battery itself, more so the engine. It didn't work here, at least.

I drove out on an errand yesterday and the problem was still there, so I've booked in an an hour or so of troubleshooting at a local workshop next Thursday.

Plan to check the fuses earlier in the week and see if maybe it could be a simple fix via those. Just disconnect some non-essential component, like for example the AC part of the AC, if that could be the culprit.

No cooling needed in winter, though if the same system regulates heat then that'd be a problem.

There are also quick release connections available for car batteries that you can just clamp on and off after installation.

Why don't all cars come with those? If there's no simple fix to this I'll probably be using a pair of those for the foreseeable future instead.

Or use 'em anyway.

Nothing wrong with being able to easily disconnect the battery should you need to, and they cost just about as much as a proper wrench does.

Anyway that's my week. It's been a decent say so far, and I had a decent sleep... hope to get up a liiittle earlier tomorrow.

And with no headache.


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