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Rampage (2009)

This movie sucks. I shouldn't even post a review, but I thought I would do it anyway just so I can save people from wasting their time watching it. Sure, the actors are good, the action is good, the story is good. The only problem is that it still sucks. For a movie with such a ravishing title, there is really not enough action. The main character spends his time riding around town, threatening people, eating & shooting in the roof. The rampage is just not there.

There aren't any good dialogs. Nothing special happens. You go through the whole movie just waiting for the action to start, thinking, maybe it'll start soon, maybe now, maybe after he's finished eating that burger he'll go out and do some serious damage... but nothing ever happens. The story is planned well, the ending is clever, but what's a good story in a movie when everything else is no good?

I've heard people criticizing the works of Uve Boll (the producer) earlier but I didn't think much of it, I actually watched a movie he directed a while ago about the war in Vietnam and people crawling around in tunnels killing each other (don't remember the name) and it was really good, but this, it's a disaster. You wont be satisfied by anything, really, no, seriously, I'm not kidding. At least not if you're like me. I can't speak for the possible psychological differences that made so many other people not completely degrade this cinematical disasterpiece.

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit

Can't give it a zero since it is well made. The only problem is that they made it into a really crappy movie.


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