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Random GOG Giveaway: Dex (2015)

Dex (2015)

Here's what next! A little Dex. Cool/enriching. Here's the gifting.


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  1. Biterr
    Saturday Sep/17/2022

    Thanks for filling up my library!

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Sep/17/2022

    You got it man!

  3. S3C
    Sunday Sep/18/2022

    what the!? I'm supposed to get first comment.
    well anyhow, hello Biterr! Hope you enjoy the game.

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Sep/18/2022

    Got a true #1 comment fighter in the Biterr!

  5. Ivan
    Tuesday Sep/20/2022

    Hey Cybie im ALEKSIVAN from Newgrounds, please go check your private messages there

  6. Cyber
    Wednesday Sep/21/2022

    Hey there Ivan! I'll be back for real there in October. Just stopping by when I can right now, it's harvest time. Speak to ya then!

  7. Biterr
    Friday Sep/23/2022

    S3C, I'm not even 18, I will try it when mom won't be at home.

  8. S3C
    Sunday Sep/25/2022

    Hey Biterr,
    oh is it one of those games?? Well enjoy it when you are of an appropriate age!
    I do not condone you trying the game behind your mom's back if playing the game is something she'd disapprove of. Perhaps discuss the game with her first.

  9. Cyber
    Monday Sep/26/2022

    Didn't realize it was an age-redistricted game I was giving away!

    Hope you don't get any trauma now! Though... seems like it's a 16+ one. Bad language/violence. Maybe not that bad.

    Hope you like it whenever you do play it! No rush and stuff. GOG games are forever. Hopefully.

  10. Cyber
    Monday Sep/26/2022

    Maybe should adopt S3C's more fatherly; responsible response approach hmm!

  11. Biterr
    Friday Sep/30/2022

    @S3C Yea, maybe I should ask mom if I can play it. If I can't maybe GOG will give me refund. Haha profiting from giveaways!

  12. Cyber
    Friday Sep/30/2022

    Ah I don't think that'll work but y'never know! Worth a shot.

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