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Reality Queen! (2019)

Reality Queen! (2019)

Here's a parody documentary about a fictional Paris Hilton look-alike, who turns out to be a lot more than her superficial facade lets on, all the while beaming sex appeal and stupidity. It's the main appeal of the movie, the appeal, and the second bit makes for sometimes a smile and sometimes just not-all-that-funny comedy. It's like there's a clash in focus. Can it be both sexy and fun? Well yes, it can. Look at Scary Movie.

Maybe they just don't want to take it all the way here, even though it seems to be that all-the-way kind of film. They walk a balanced path. Like they want to make fun of the characters, and yet they don't want to degrade them entirely. Part of me appreciates the decision to keep it somewhat classy. Part of me is a bit disappointed.

Yet when it's over I'm still pleasantly surprised. It had me entertained, and not just entertained but charmed. I wonder if Paris might've sponsored this. I feel compelled to Google. If she's anything like London, then she really might not be so bad after all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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