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RED (2010)

Red (2010)

Bruce Willis is living a boring life. Of course, in this movie he's not Bruce Willis, he's Frank Moses. He's an assassin, a retired one as such, former CIA agent, living an anonymous life in American suburbia. The highlights in his life consist of contacting the public pension service and talking to a specific girl. When a wet team one day storms his house and it's clear they're out to kill him and anyone he's been in contact with, he goes to meet her and save her, team up with a bunch of other retired agents and kill the vice president.

There's a bunch of great actors in the movie. There's Gordon Freeman, Err... Morgan Freeman. There's Carl Urban and that actress from Weeds, Botany something? Or was that her Weeds name? It's not a name I remember, but she's really a great actress. There's a lot of good actors/actresses in this movie. Those are the only ones in this that I've seen in other movies, but everyone does a great job, the movie is just filled with good actors. It reminds very much of Knight and Day, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, which btw came out the same year, and maybe overshadowed this movie a bit. It's the same spy/romance drama, with same guy saving some girls life multiple times, kidnapping her in the process, the girl trying to flee all the time; you know the story. Personally I think this movie outclasses Knight & Day though. It has much more depth in it and much more detail. It's not just a regular spy/romance movie either, there's a mystery plot involved, and it's unpredictable. People you think are dead are alive, people who should be alive are dead, people you expect to survive get killed. It's complex. New things are revealed all the time. Maybe that's why this movie has a lower rating on IMDB than Knight & Day: it's too complicated for most people. Or maybe it's just chance that one movie was favored over the other. Either way, if you like action, you really need to see both of them.

There's comedy, romance and a lot of action. The filmography is great. The gunfights are great, and clever, there's a lot of creativity and a lot of good choreography, not only for the fights but for mostly... everything. There are also some amazingly well-staged scenes, like when the wet team are attacking Franks house and he throws bullets in the frying pan, they blast the house, he knocks them all down on their way in and one of them slides along the wall and drops down. Whomever did the sliding down the wall did a great job. Probably an uncredited stunt-man, but it's small details like this that stand out. Then there's the scene when the hitman hits Frank's car and Frank steps out while it spins around, starts walking towards the hitman's car whilst firing, reloading in a second, firing some more, then hijacking a cop car and putting the cops on the hitmans trail through police radio. The 'Hitman' turns out to also be a CIA agent btw. Overall the action feels fresh and creative, the typical scenarios don't repeat themselves in this movie, it has something new. There's grenades being batted back with a rifle, RPGs getting split by a bullet in slow-mo, regular fights, gunfights, car chases, snipers, automatic machine-guns, Russians, breaking in at Langley... there's a lot.

At the start of the movie it's revealed that Frank is a retired analyzed. It turns out he's not. Turns out he was one of the best Black-Ops agents they had. A lot of things turn up along the way, and in the end there's not just Frank & The Girl, but a whole set of retired agents from different agencies working for different governments working on different teams cleaning up one big mess. I suppose this is where it differs greatly from Knight & Day. In that movie, it's just the main pair and a few outsiders. In this one, there are a lot of personalities involved. There's not as much romance I suppose, but if you favor action over romance, this is the obvious choice. Btw, RED stands for 'Retired: Extremely Dangerous'. Also, when Frank speaks Chinese in response to Sarah's saying 'How could you possibly know that!', what he replies is: "Sever years ago, I lived in Wuhan". I was curious, so I looked it up. :) Also, here's a memorable quote from the movie: "Swedish K (picks up a weapon). Now THAT is exiting." What? It's always nice hearing people mention Sweden in foreign movies, especially when the mentioning is a positive one as such. ;)

Well that's it, I won't spoil the plot twists for you. It's a great movie, recommended, maybe my best watch this year (2010). I'll give it a strong...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

February, 2018

Red (2010)

Action movies with old guys seems to be becoming a thing lately, and maybe this was the one that started the trend...

Well no, it probably wasn't, but it's got Bruce Willis and great action, and that's all I was really looking for this particular day, so here we go, one more view and take on this old review...

Retired CIA agent Frank Moses meets Sarah Ross via the public pension service call line.

They talk about romantic novels and avocado.

Frank lives a quite life, but one day a trio with tactical-gear storm his house and start shooting things up, so he kidnaps Sarah, and drives to New York to find out who's after him. And her. Maybe. Start of a beautiful romance...?

It's a love story/comedy/action movie a la Knight and Day, and just as good, too, if not better! Frank gathers together a team - one retired agent after the other, and together they go to the bottom of what turns into a big conspiracy, all the while building their bond (him and the girl, I mean - the others are plenty bonded already). She wanted an adventure after all. Travel. An escape from her boring office job. She got it!

Apart from the story (scripted well) I really like the details. In the dialog. In the fights. in the revelations. It's all so polished, and always seems to push the plot in both new and right ways... unlike the sequel.

The rocket launcher shot. The fight in the office (Carl Urban FTW). The assassination attempts. Great choreography, and most of all just great flow! The soundtrack's perfect too. It syncs. It intensifies at just the right moments - crafted like it's part of that choreography too. I love it.

The blood's toned down, but don't mistake this for a 'corny' movie. It's got grit. You'll see. It's got Bruce Willis right? I really like Mary-Louise Parker and Rebecca Pidgeon too. The team's all right.

Solid action? Happy endings? Spy stuff? Take a shot at this.

RED? Most definitely.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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