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Red Balls (2012)

Red Balls (2012)

Four teams from the grittiest corners of Chicago meet for a no holds barred dodge ball tournament.

This movie had potential, it started out as a fun idea, with all sorts of varied characters telling their tales of life, building the tension for the clash eventually to come, but then it somehow... didn't go any further. After maybe 15-20 minutes of character introductions I felt like that was enough character introduction, but still they keep introducing themselves, they keep interacting, presenting monologues and minor clashes and holding off on the action and it's just too much material leading up to the not-so-intense finale. I really was expecting more from that finale. I was expecting it to be the peak of the movie, but unfortunately it was a mess: the peak of the movie was the beginning. The actor's aren't bad, nor is the actual filming, nor as the special effects - like the textual transitions at the start of the click - but overall it just doesn't amount. It's not enough. It doesn't build-up or conclude. It's a mockumentary/fakumentary (?) about a small Chicago dodge ball tournament and the characters of which the battle is comprised, but in the end... that's it. It could've been better!

 rated 2/5: decent


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