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Red Notice (2021)

Is that Biggie in the end credits?!

I felt thoroughly sorry for Ryan in this one, and the ending... unfortunately brings the score down a bit for me. Don't like my favorite guy getting left out like that! Even if it always seems to be his role.

Otherwise this was way better than I expected. Way better than the trailers seemed to promise too. Hidden Nazi bunker gold, a little utopian island safehouse, quick location shifts and heist plans around the world, plus a little prison escape up in the clouds... it all feels high class!

The action scenes are thorough too, as is the script, as are the encounters. I just wonder how those car batteries still ran after some sixty plus years in a bunker, and the ending... didn't really like it. Like I said.

Also don't miss SAS: Red Notice (2021)! Similar title, same year, very different. But great too. Thus these two lines about it.

This is the Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot Red Notice. And if that doesn't tell you everything there is to tell you about it... well then maybe this is not your type of movie.

In terms of realism and intensity it pales in comparison to the SAS (^) alternative, but in terms of good ol' blockbuster fun, ferocity, adventure and ravishing red dresses: Hell yeah.

I do like a good blockbuster too, and I like Ryan, and The Rock, and Gadot, and lots of adventure.

The Nazi element always adds a sense of mystery and intrigue too... especially when it's a Nazi element in modern day. A lingering reminder of the Reich. A remnant of evil. A little something special from the old days, when the bold faced the fiercest fates where their roads raced...

Great movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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