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Red Tails (2012)

Red Tails (2012)

Here's another new movie I just watched. It's about a company of black fighter pilots during the second world war. They're still oppressed due to color, but through their efforts they manage to stand out anyway. Through the movie we get to know a set of characters, all with strong personality traits. They're presented well in a way that they all gain audience empathy, and when things happen to them it really stings. It's a movie that'll stay etched in my mind, not just because of an intertwined happy/tragic end but because of the great aerial footage included, featuring a wide array of both older and newer planes and spectacular effects. I don't know how it would look IRL, but it looks real, it's very well done.

They manage to capture the essence of flight as well. When the places glide through soft clouds it feels like you're up in the sky with them, and you imagine how the clouds feel. Most of the movie takes place in the sky, but there's a lot of ground filming as well. Everybody is a great actor, even the minor characters. The scenery is superb; if it's not about the sky it's about the beautiful views beneath the planes. This just might be my favorite movie of the year... maybe better than 21 Jump Street. Bit hard to compare movies of so completely different genres though. Anyway, even if you're no plane fan, this is a recommended watch. It'll leave you stirred emotionally and stuffed on flight. Really.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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