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Feel like backing something? Maybe something like this? Like an entertaining, nostalgic, crisp, creative; fresh little retro platformer RPG for all adventure game fans alike? It's just $1 to get your name in the credits. ;) Or more for other perks, like the game. Second chance.

I'm really not getting paid for these plugs btw. It's all stuff I like. And I love that Kickstarter spirit that brings people together in creating creative works where the community is part of the process, sharing together in the blood, sweat and tears required to fledge out a fully functional and fantastic fantasy game! Third one for shares! Cheers.

UPD: Back on Kickstarter for round 2! And fully funded with in 70h. :)


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  1. S3C
    Sunday Dec/10/2017

    i thought this was on newgrounds...

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/10/2017

    Yeah that's probably where I found it. :) Spreading the word!

  3. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/10/2017

    Though damn looks like it didn't make it...

  4. S3C
    Monday Dec/11/2017

    Surprised?? the demo doesn't show sh*t...they can still make it for free though

  5. Cyber
    Monday Dec/11/2017

    Hmm well not really. Squidly isn't all that known and the game didn't seem all that revolutionary, but it did seem like a good game. Was hopeful about it. Most Kickstarters do need more than goodwill and reward if the price is high though...

    Been planning a little summary of what's happened with all the ones I've posted about on the blog btw, which ones made it, which didn't, which made it another way. The success stories are a lot more fun!

  6. S3C
    Saturday Feb/1/2020

    it is in the process of or got ported to the Nintendo Switch

  7. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/2/2020

    Oh that's awesome. :) Cool you're keeping track of this too. Just checked their Kickstarter updates and it seems they're parting ways with the studio (?) they've been working with, but development's moving along nicely...

    Finna be fun to play this later on. Though for me: PC.

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