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Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse (2004)

Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse (2004)

The second Resident Evil movie starts where the first one left off. At the doorsteps of Raccoon City Hospital - Alice in a robe, with a pump-action shotgun. It ended with a viral outbreak that... well, whatever happened after that? The city street lies empty and gray, deserted, decorated by burning cards and apocalyptic newspaper articles. Of course, you already know what happens next.

It wasn't like the first movie. It was good, but also different. The transition was smooth though. It feels like they made sure to at least have some of the style of the previous movie intact, to better bridge the change, and that makes the new one a bit more acceptable, even if I don't fully appreciate the change.

I appreciate the escalation, and the action, but I don't feel that moving from a closed facility to the open world brings that claustrophobic essence of the original games with it, even if the plot is pretty much based on the second and third game entirely. That's just the way the games evolved.

I remember the last time I watched this movie I felt like this was where it all turned to shit, but in retrospect they did do a pretty good job going after the game. We're introduced to a couple of actual in-game characters with this one too, which is an interesting twist after it started out as a very game-inspired cinematization, yet with an entirely original cast. The new yet familiar additions: Jill Valentine, and Nemesis.

The filming's professional, though with a bit too much slow cam and flimsy filming. The fight choreography is stylish but could've been better - and more authentic. I feel the whole 'superhero' thing doesn't really fit this franchise, and after this... it gets out of control fast, but the second one wasn't bad!

The plot? It's a viral outbreak. In a city. Umbrella try to clear their tracks, and some other people (our main protagonist included) try to get out of there before they do. Once again it's a race against the time - and the zombies. Once again: a great watch, with an ending that promises a sequel.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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