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Resident Evil 3 - Extinction (2007)

Resident Evil 3 - Extinction (2007)

This was where the cinematization of Resident Evil just went way off road.

There's way too much of a time skip between the second movie and this one. Loose ends. No transition. And now it's gone from the game entirely, to floating around in the sandlands, like we've moved from the Resident Evil universe into Rage, or Mad Max. It's not like the game at all. It's like any other zombie movie out there - except here we still have the insidious Umbrella working behind the scenes, trying to restore the world to its natural order - all the while maximizing their profits and first and foremost ensuring their own survival, of course.

I'm not sure about Milla's acting skills in this one either. Seems like her role's tossed around along with the flimsy directing. She's losing character. She's a killing machine, with an occasional emotional display to show that she's still human, but that's all. It's just about revenge now. And a cure, sure, but the world is fucked and there's not much they can do about that, so in a sense they've already lost. It's not a fight against the zombies either as much as it is a fight against Umbrella... which it always was, I guess, but it feels too basic now. Too directed.

I don't like that a couple of good characters die here either, but I wouldn't mind it if it happened in a more cynical way. With less of a big bang. More in traditional RE style than the make-as-much-out-of-their-death-as-possible way of the movies. And Carlos! Why Carlos!! It's not Leon or Chris, but still... The first time I watched this movie I'm pretty sure I mixed up this guy with Chris Redfield though. Having key characters from the games die the movies (that survive in the games) might be... unwise. Glad it didn't go down like that, and that Claire and the others do get out OK.

The sceneries are great though. The action is too. The change of location is fresh - but not as elaborate as the last one. Even Las Vegas looks small here. The scene with the crows was impressive, but that's all it was. Impressive. Flashy. Special effects. The play on evolution? We all know where that will lead...

I did enjoy the movie, but at the same time I'm disappointed. I feel like they could've made so much more out of this if they moved in another direction. Put a bit more flesh on their bony main character. Built up the intrigue a bit more, and better yet: scaled it down a bit, to make the conflict personal once again. But on the positive side, they did add in one more original game-character! It didn't help put the movie back in character entirely, but it's a start.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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