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Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife (2010)

Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife (2010)

The intro's a lot like The Matrix on this one, but all those super-powers... they're gone. Finally time for the series to calm down and be under control again? Nope, it all comes back again, and yet even when the superpowers are gone Milla fights like they are.

There's plenty of other zombie-movie inspiration here: There's a big building surrounded by dead people. A plane. They need to get to the ship. And they've mashed in a Resident Evil version of Pyramid head too?! So many borrowed ideas in one place, and I'm not sure I like the diary thing either. It doesn't really fit in. It's like they're trying new ideas, and doing a little this and that to see if it works better than what they did last time. Wesker becoming the supervillain... well, I guess that's suitable.

It's all way out of the game world now, but they do stay true to the games in certain aspects. Small details, like the way Chris holsters his weapon (They introduce Chris btw! It's good to see some familiar characters jumping in - and his introduction was much more effectual than Claire's), and certain angles on certain scenes, like when they run through the corridor towards the end. It feels like they tried more with this one.

In reference to any particular game, this may have fetched the most from Dead Aim and Revelations. It's a mesh of the games, but... it's not that bad. Extinction felt like the real low. This upholds a bit of that pompousness they introduced with the latter games, and moves back from the movie-exclusive RE world to the universe of modern RE games. The first game was just like the original movie, the second movie pretty heavy with inspiration from the second and third games, the third movie was a total fiasco (unless it plays on references from RE spin-off games I've missed), but this one... it does fetch plenty from the newer games. It's not bad, it's just not like the original any longer. Evolution... is here.

There are some refreshingly 'horrorish' sceneries too. With the mist, and the prison (though a bit much Silent Hill comparability on that), the abandoned airstrip, etc. The action's not always perfect, but it's pretty on-point, and the Umbrella architecture is impressive to behold.

And I do like the title.

Oh, the plot? Alice gets her vengeance (sort of), then flies around searching for Claire and the others, and runs into another group of survivors on the way. Umbrella's all but done, however, and their reunion awaits as the grand finale! Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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