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Resident Evil 4

I made it through the game in two days, normal difficulty. It was fun! Twas one of the greatest games I've played in a long time. The levels were varied, the monsters were varied, there were quite a few puzzles and the plot is unequelled. I never thought much about the game music, but it must have been good since I didn't notice it. In difference from the three previous games theres a mystery shop all through the game, and the owner also takes care of a humorous shooting range in which you get to blow wooden zombie figures in pieces and earn yourself some money. Money, gold and other valuable items can be found all through the game and sold/exchanged for new weapons, upgrades, etc. It adds a new dimension of strategy to the game, and a lot of extra fun.

The biggest difference between this game and the previous ones, though, is that this one doesn't have anything to do with Umbrella. Well, not much, only an Umbrella agent sent in to infiltrate the same mysterious cult you, Leon, are trying to save the presidents daughter, Ashley, from. This agent happens to be no other than Ada ( remember previous games? ). You don't choot zombies in this game either, you shoot normal humans infected by a certain parasite and various experimental creations. The game isn't quite as scary as its precedents, but it's a great waste of time. Not many games can be played for two days straight without boredom arising. This is truly one of the best! If you like adventure, mystery, action and violence, then this is a must for you. So when is Resident Evil 5 coming out? I can't wait.

I've always liked the Resident Evil games, ever since I came across the first one 5 years ago. Never finished it though. I've started playing it a couple of times, but abandoned it just as quickly. I got Resident Evil 3 from a friend of mine even before I got the first one, but I didn't have a computer then, so what good was that? And the CD doesn't seem to work on the computer I have now. Anyhow, about two years ago I got Resident Evil 1 to 3 for my playstation, and played through the 2nd and 3rd games in a week. Just a few days ago I almost completed the first game, but the CD couldn't stand the pressure anymore and now I can't move up the main stairs or through two certain doors in the mansion without the game freezing. So I had to abandon the game ( I reached the part where you find the Battery and go back to the elevator, but I can't open the door to the Gardens, lmao. )

Anyhow, here are my finishing stats. As usual a few extras are thrown in after game completions. One of them being The Mercenaries, a minigame previously seen in the two recent prequels. Then theres 'Separate Ways' and "Assignment Ada", two games featuring the parallel adventure of Umbrellas secret Agent sent in to gather samples of the so called 'Las Plagas' parasite. And then theres a nifty movie viewer where you can see all of the games exiting cut-scenes, from the beginning to the end, that you went through in the game. A new, more professional, game mode is also revealed (much harder, obviously), and you can buy a couple more weapons from the mystery shop.

Btw, if you think my own 'killcount' is way to high (I mean, 1 death per 10 enemies killed, gtfo) it's not the enemies that killed me. It's all due to certain parts of the game where you have to press a certain combination of keys quickly to avoid getting killed instantly by rolling boulders/knifes/lasers/large jagged spikes/monster teeth/etc. It's not the same key combinations and you only have a second to react, so these parts of the game can be pretty aggravating at times and cause multiple deaths one after another. On a completely unrelated note, Resident Evil Extinction sucked. Why do all trilogies have to have to the worst endings? Goodnight. :P

Resident Evil 4 Results


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