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Resident Evil 6 - The Final Chapter (2016)

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

It's the final arc of the Resident Evil franchise! Finally!

As usual it all starts with a flashback, and we're told, among other things, that the T-Virus was not created by Dr. Ashford for his daughter Angie, but for Alice - the daughter of Dr. Marcus. Continuity out the window. The time frame is wrong too, and nothing from the last stand seen at the end of the previous movie remains, not even a trail of smoke, so for a while I thought I'd missed a whole movie in the series. The ending premise in the previous movie? Totally gone. Irrelevant. No final showdown... instead they build up a brand new backstory to make it all make sense, and it's back to the old desert and deserted dystopia. It's more Walking Dead than Resident Evil, though they try to bring it back to humble beginnings soon enough.

The cuts are still way too many though, the inconsistencies riddle the plot, and of course there's a 72 hour countdown before the last few bastions of humankind seize to be and Umbrella take over the world for good... within which our main protagonist Alice has to save all of humankind, and of course the timer's down to mere minutes before it's over. Of course the main antagonists make some incredible mistakes as well, allowing her to win when really she should have had no chance. And another character favorite appears out of nowhere because... well why not? It's all for the views. None for the origins.

The Red Queen can't go against Umbrella either, so she asks Alice to do so at the start of the movie, and tells her how. For starters: see something wrong with that?

I've been growing tired of this series since a few sequels ago. They keep tarnishing the RE name, leaving important plot elements and reoccurring characters for dead, and always starting the movies the same way... yet when I start watching I still get sucked in. Into the action. The Madness. The crazy-elaborate special-effects and sets - even though everything else about it is just shit.

Too much packed into too little space. Jump scares. Trap after trap. Dead and loose ends, and then it's suddenly back to origins. But you've made a mess bigger than you can climb out of at this point. Even if the sequels thrill and entertain - keep you on your seats, only the original one will ever be the real classic here. The one that truly stayed true to the RE realm. The actors do a good job but... I wonder if they played the games. I wonder if they're aware what a great big mess this movie franchise turned into.

And don't get me started on the clones, memories or super powers. It's not just not true to the games, but to so much in the previous movies, too.

Even when it's over they leave things open for potential mindless sequels, but I hope this really is the end. I wouldn't mind a reboot if they do it the right way, but for now it's been a long and exciting... but tiresome trip.

Good riddance.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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