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Resolutions 2013

I know I said I'd keep it simple last year, but this year I really will! Last year was not simple! Here's a list of what I want and will. A list of goals, not promises.

I Want To Do

  • Interesting Things! Every week I will either give myself a continuous challenge that lasts the full week or a one day special event, like writing 100 reviews every day or climbing a mountain. It shall be something new each seven day session, something to alternatingly make me achieve more or give me something to look forward to. If every week was a continuous challenge it probably get tired quick, but this should be fun! I'll keep you posted on the blog. :)
  • Martial Arts! I will start training at least one martial art, either at home or in group, for real.
  • Music! I will do (at least) weekly vocal practice and start gathering equipment for professionally recording and composing stuff. At the end of the year I should have material prepared for at least one full album.

I Want To Be

  • Strong! I will exercise regularly, stretch regularly and walk at least 5km every day.
  • Self-sufficient! The goal is to become financially stable and able to sustain myself in all aspects of life.
  • Calm! Don't worry be happy. :)

I Want To Have

  • White Teeth! I will brush my teeth at least twice a day.
  • Good Eyes! I will exercise my eyes every day.
  • Less Stuff! I will buy only items that are useful or good to give away. If I increase my quota I will get rid of something, preferably by selling it. This does not apply to comics, clothes or consumptionable items (like food).

And then some, but for now, that's the focus! No doubt the weekly challenges can include a lot of minor goals I'd like to reach through the year. :) So, what are your resolutions?


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