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Resolutions 2018

Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

Always good with a reminder, right? That's a little something from 2015.

I didn't post any resolutions last year. I posted some of them after the new year kicked in, more as motivation than actual goals. Nothing in a purely resolute form. No resolutions. Really. So there'll be no aftermath here! The one thing I intended to do was to stop stalling and... have I? I'm not sure. I feel like the year's just blazed by, and I've done a lot of good things but not all the things I've wanted to do. Far from all. Maybe my one resolution now should be to start prioritizing better? It'd be a killer combo.

I did get inspired and write down a list of bad habits I hoped to rid myself of in my Happy 2018 post though, and with those I've done OK! Won't analyze them one by one, but I'm happy to see a few I've dropped within the roster, and hopeful that I'll drop a few more of those this year. Some of them I did drop earlier, but seem to have regained during the winter. Unhealthy times these dark times!

I still have my private list from 2016 with a few dues I wish to do before I reveal those for the world too, so as the time ticks away before the New Year I'm not sure what new ones I should concoct, that won't impede my potential progress with my previous ones.

I have done some progress since then, though. This and the previous year weren't entirely worthless, even though they've sometimes felt pretty hopeless with how many projects I've had on my platter, how many I never seem to finish and how many I've had to say no to because I'm still not done with my old dues.

I don't like it. I want to be faster. I want to write as efficiently as I'm writing this right now, at the brink of a new era and the end of another one, when inspiration truly makes itself known and make my fingertips race over the keyboard. It's a good feeling. But you can't force inspiration... can you?

Something I've learned during recent years is that the difference between professionals and amateurs is that professionals do. How they wake up their slumbering pit of inspiring ideas is a different knowledge, but you can't just wait for ideas to come to you, as you just can't wait for time, or opportunity - If you don't get one you have to make one.

I haven't felt like I've had opportunity to do all that I wanted to this past year, and have in fact been way more stressed than usual from time to time, but as the year is crawling to a close and my inbox looks like this, and my PM inbox at NG looks like this (well it did a couple hours ago - seems like other people want to get through all of their responses before the New Year too) I'm finally beginning to feel an inner peace sweeping in... and that really boosts my sense of efficiency. It makes me believe it might be possible to make room for routines like a pro, too.

And so, my main resolution for this year is to follow through with my old resolutions. These ones.

I know you can't see those yet. That's intentional. They're private. I'm linking to the post anyway as to make it so that I'm continually held accountable for actually accomplishing them. All of them. Also: don't tell anyone about your goals until you achieve them, right?

I am confident I can accomplish everything I set out to do back then at this point. I've accomplished a few already, though next year it'll be with a couple modifications on the remaining ones that'll all make sense whenever you're later able to view that old post:

  1. At least three short walks every day if there's no time for a longer one, stretching only after exercise (at least no obligation to stretch at other times), and definitely more focus on posture improvement.

    I'll add to that: daily deep breathing and eye exercises. I have a couple quick routines there that I plan to make a habit. More info on those as the year goes!

  2. I will get a new eye test, and I will also improve my sight before the year is over - or at least make an effort to do so so that I'll know if it works or not. I won't just waste away by the computer, but actively look away. I'll hone my sight. Not ignore my problems.

Regarding the 100 and 750 word challenges from resolutions of old: I'm not doing those any longer. I'm not committing myself to any amount-based writing exercises, but rather to just continually stay creative, without letting any amount-based obligations get in the way of personal progress.

There's so much self-betterment I want to focus on. Excellence is a habit.

I'll start with what I've outlined here, and in the previous resolutions posts, and anything in addition to that... that's a bonus. All other points still apply, though without the amount-based goals on the final one. You'll see what I mean. ;)

I feel like I'm getting a bit better aim in regard to what I want in life with each of these posts... even if there is one particular topic I still refuse to bring up. Maybe next year. For now, just a few minutes before the clock strikes twelve and the fireworks start popping outside, I'm happy with the resolve I have and a select few resolutions on my tray. Happy New Year in a bit, and may it be way better than this one was!

It's been good but: just not enough.


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