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Resolutions 2019

Grand hopes and visions for a year with no more inhibitions drawing near!

I feel I've almost written too much during earlier years. I get carried away. Maybe I feel like it'd be a sign of depression if I don't commit myself properly to my writing, and if I have happened to be out of whack with my well being and all then that's no trait I've wanted to showcase, but it's not, is it? Shorter writing's a sign of mastery more so than disregard. Not depression. Which I've too long had in regression.

But it's time now. Time for a little strong, and belonging winter session (that came out a bit nonsensical: I mean I feel pretty content with how the last year went - and I won't spend too much time here to just blast air vent - I shall post a few commitments to look back at when I've walked this black path and sit down on a stone at daylight with my backpack then).

There is this one bit from last year's post that merits repeating though. Hopefully I'll manage to some day make these words such an ingrained part of my being I won't even need to think them to follow: Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

And without further ado, this year's commitments:

1. Get in shape. No superficial goals on walk amounts or specific exercises this time - variation goes a long way there - I just need to get better at taking care of myself. No overindulgence, no laziness, and no sacrificing exercise time for other dues when I know I need it. I'll manifest some proper exercise regimes and routines and stick with them, and stay mobile even when I'm at a standstill.

2. Stop stalling. This applies to a great variety of things, many of which I've gotten better at the last few years, but this commitment is first and foremost in regard to writing. When I start writing something I shall aspire to finish it, and if it's in regard to a blog post or similar time-relevant item then I shall get it done right away whenever possible. And revise it before I post it. No leftover dues unless they really are necessary. And of course: notes and such.

3. Leftover 2016 goals. You'll see more about those later. ;)

My PM box ain't nowhere near as empty as last year, nor is my Gmail, but I did respond to something I've been stalling with for over half a year today! So there's something.

Here's hoping the New Year doesn't just come with a little more surplus of time, but also Commitment. Discipline. Consistency. These things I need to work on.

And maybe a little spontaneity too. A little more letting go. So here we go!

2020 on the roll.


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