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Resolutions 2020

Grand hopes and visions for a New Year drawing near yeah!

The minutes to midnight are really ticking down now, and I've barely started on my resolutions post... I've been wishing random NG-based accomplices a Happy New Year a while in advance and getting stuck in all kinds of random conversations in the process... plus just ordered a pair of pant pairs and two shipments of nutritious foods - one batch of which was on a New Year sale that ends at midnight, and one smaller batch of which I had a personal rebate for that was set to expire at midnight.

I haven't fully read up on or registered the ISRC codes I'd planned to finally get to this morning or revised the set of posts here that I'd planned to get through before the New Year came waltzing in - or a bundle of other things - but what does all of that matter now? The New Year is soon here, and my stress has momentarily faded. It's too late anyway. So I type away with the seldom seen speed of New Year exhilaration.

With the hopes that good things are just around the corner. Aware that I'll soon be cheering in the great 2021 with my parents and watching a festivity of fireworks set the gloomy skies outside ablaze, as we turn down all lights inside and toast with fancy sparkling apple cider with a hint of lemon and mint. Herrljunga.

I wish I always typed this fast. I wish I always felt this focused and ready; in the moment. I wish I had both the presence and the calm that this guy seems to have.

But maybe I do - if just for a moment - and it's wishes like these that this post is supposed to be all about after all.

But I wish to keep it simple. There's a segment from last year - and the year before - that I'd like to remind myself of once again. The mantra I wish to mold into myself. The essence - I feel - of the saying that excellence is a habit:

Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

If I could only become that then I feel like I'd be where I want to be. That I wouldn't look back. That I'd appreciate the moment. That everything would make sense. That I'd be confident in myself and greet each new day as a challenge and opportunity; strive not just to become better but to always be good and to feel fulfilled.

But maybe that wouldn't even be a challenge then. Maybe I'm confusing things. Maybe I oughta just sit down and reflect on my past resolutions. See what I've accomplished so far and what I've yet to do...

Last year I wanted to:

1. Get in shape.

I kept this simple. No specific walk amounts of exercises. Variation goes a long way I said - I just needed to get better at taking care of myself. No overindulgence, no laziness, and no sacrificing exercise time for other dues when I know I need it. Manifest some proper exercise regimes and routines and stick with them, and stay mobile even when I'm at a standstill.

So how did that go? Not really!

Especially during these bleak winter months that motivation comes and goes. Mostly goes. Proper exercise regimes and routines don't manifest themselves, though I have been taking two daily walks every day for at least the last few months now. I can't remember a day when I didn't.

I also started with a six pack training app, that had I really followed through with the exercises would have maybe actually given me a semblance of some av visibility in a month or two. Three-four months later I've yet to finish that first month set. But I'm almost there, and the exercises I've done have been heavy, so they must've done something.

Of course summer provided plenty of physical labor too, and lately I'm playing frisbee golf a day each week or so, and almost dislocated my right shoulder when I tried that with a weight vest on recently. It's taking some time to feel normal again. Oh: weight vests. Going heavy with those.

I wouldn't say I'm in shape - especially not after this very overindulgent Christmas week - but I do feel like I'm getting somewhere. I definitely haven't been lazy either, just occasionally very tired and stressed, and unfortunately my exercise routines don't carry through when it matters the most. Still room to improve on this.

2. Stop stalling.

I'd gotten better at this the past few years, but planned to improve further on this commitment, first and foremost in regard to writing. When I start writing something - I wrote - I shall aspire to finish it, and if it's in regard to a blog post or similar time-relevant item then I shall get it done right away whenever possible. And revise it before I post it. No leftover dues unless they really are necessary.

So... no. Didn't manage this at all. I've managed to write. I wrote and recorded daily verses for two months straight a while ago, and have been keeping up with a hundred words per day for longer, but I do also currently have a backlog of circa a hundred movie reviews left unposted. and then some. I don't feel I've written neither consistently nor ambitiously for most of this year, and I haven't managed as much as I would've liked to.

Still room to improve on that. But with the stalling thing overall...?

Yeah... I mean yeah as in: no. Still room to improve there too. Maybe I've stalled more this year than i did the last one. Maybe involuntarily, with the pandemic getting in the way of all too many a good plan, on concerts, and trips, and virtually all other outside/real-world activities I'd normally engage in. It's wrecked havoc on my mind too. It's lowered my confidence levels and made me somewhat hesitant and weary.

I wouldn't say I'm but a shell of my former self but: a little too much stalling. Need to re-envision this one for the New Year.

3. Leftover 2016 goals.

I said I'd reveal these when I accomplished them but I am not done yet! I have this year accomplished one of three remaining; somewhat large and ongoing items. Maybe next year this particular set will finally be completed and revealed to all. :)

That's it for those resolutions!

Unlike last year my PM box is empty, and my email too. At least the Inbox. I do have a queue. But I'm not stalling. I do what I do. As the minutes really start counting down now and the fireworks start popping off at an increasing rate outside I feel like I'm out of time in regard to in-depth resolutions, so I'll leave it at this: I shall keep up with the previous three, I shall try to be both consistent and spontaneous with my creative crafts, and over the coarse of the year I hope to do mainly two things:

1. Sort my life out! Meet new people, get to a place I feel happy to be at and spend my time in a way that feels fruitious to me.


2. Keep making music. :) No elaborations necessary here. I have some things planned - and hopefully a lot of things there's no need to plan - I just want to write, record, and vent away whenever I have the opportunity. And steadily get better at this one particular
skillset while I'm at it.

Among so many other things! But those are the main two.

Happy New!


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  1. S3C
    Friday Jan/1/2021

    seems mundane, intense, & nonmentionable...Not particularly ambitious but at the same time not particularly inspiring, and when this happens it's easier to lose are 'mine'

    more like new years resolutions that I WONT do because I'm a loser with no willpower or motivators outside of work, and will die fat, miserable, and single. For dreams and posterity:

    - Follow a somewhat easy workout regimen (speed-walking doesn't count) for 30 days

    - Drink more water (try a half gallon/day for 30 days)

    - Post the rest (I'll set a goal of 12 submissions) of my audio backlog on NG, which has been accumulating since 2007

    - Go 4 consecutive days without pr0ns or choking the chicken, for 60 days in total

    - Finish reading a bunch of books

    - Get more invested in stocks

  2. Cyber
    Friday Jan/1/2021

    Not particularly ambitious?! I suppose I dare not be totally transparent in my post; the enormity of at least one of these tasks doesn't fully come across. But that's alright. It's meant mostly for me and I shall fight. I shall reach a better life. A peak I've set on heights.

    I used to post lists like this, if you recall. :) Realized they didn't speak to me as much at all. I don't wish to neglect things, or to set my sights on simple steppings. I need to be introspective. To set in my mind a message. Truly reach through the nexus to whatever step that is next cause... the change I seek, doesn't seem to come at incremental or countable steps. It's reached too deep.

    You can do it though man! Seems like an attainable set.

  3. S3C
    Saturday Jan/1/2022

    1. Nope. Get a groin strain or something a week in or so whenever I try and I just end up quitting

    2. Don't think so

    3. I posted 3/12 :/

    4. I did this for maybe 3 weeks ~ 20 days. But later I did a noFap NBA Playoffs challenge (don't fap until your team is eliminated) which was >50 but <60 days so I'll consider this a success

    5. I continued reading some of the books I started in 2020 but stopped around April, and haven't regained interest since

    6. Not at all. Don't entirely agree with the idea in principle but that's probably cognitive dissonance talking

  4. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/1/2022

    1. Do you stretch too? Sounds like that could be your Iliopsoas/Hip Flexor muscle. Have had some trouble with that, seems to affect back muscles and posture too, but there's a pretty simple stretch you can do for this where you basically just put one knee on the ground and move your hip forward, like so:

    Might make a big difference if that's it. It's not a muscle you get to stretch naturally otherwise.

    3. That's something! Among them maybe one of the best ones too hmm. ;)

    4. Whoop! I am curious over motives behind this one though. To get into a real relationship? Put that extra testosterone to better use elsewhere?

    I actually got a bit more invested in stocks myself this year, though I don't like the principle either, and can't seem to put enough trust in it that it'd really make a difference for my finances. Feels like the kind of gamble where all investments could just end up disappearing entirely overnight, I don't trust my insights nor the market... that said though I'm at least not losing any money here so far. Making a small profit more so with equity funds than individual ones.

    It's pretty cool how you actually get invited to partake in business decisions even if you just buy a single stock in a company too. Some seem SERIOUS about their investors, no matter how small. Most less so.

    Aaanyway new resolutions? Are you giving the missing ones here another shot? The water one in particular definitely seems doable!

  5. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/1/2022

    2/6 and a partial 4/6 ain't bad. ;)

  6. S3C
    Monday Jan/3/2022

    1. i didn't stretch that way...ill try that next time thanks...but i seem to have other issues to they may or may not be psychosomatic

    3. True...i feel like if i post all of them i may die...

    4. I guess thats my real motivation for most things but from personal empirical evidence it doesnt help in the slightest

    6. Thats not really the principle im referring to, its the principle of 'rich' people hoarding and exchanging masses of money, Warren buffeteering doesnt keep the economy flowing. Id be hypocritical to say im not guilty of this, to a certain degree

    Ill give you a sneak peak: #1 create an impulsive 100 2022 resolutions for fun, maybe we can make it a 2020s thing (i dont consider 20s startes until 2022 fwiw)

  7. S3C
    Monday Jan/3/2022

    When will you reveal your leftover 2016 goals

  8. Cyber
    Monday Jan/3/2022

    1. Hope it works. :) Psychosomatic huh, that shit... harder to battle and bat with. But exercise seems to mend the mind too. Hopes.

    3. Say what? O_O Like... you'll no longer have a reason to live if this particular task's complete? Like it's your life work at this point; the epitome of hopes and dreams and all that was and is and will be? Real curious what kind of masterpieces might be hiding in that musical remainder now...

    4. Mmm, I feel like on the flipside going too long without certain stimuli/relief might not be good either, and certain bodily capabilities and functionalities may wane and wither, but I have been pondering setting similar restrictions in regard to the potential relationship boost it might give. Theoretically it seems it'd force you to really get out more and interact for real. Staying in's the easy way. But then again maybe you just lose the drive entirely.

    6. Ahh, that one. Mmm I can't say I fall into that category of wealth myself at this point, it'd be cool to reach a stature where such things become a matter of ethics more so than potentially not worthwhile gamble. :) But what's wealth really. If you're not rich to the point you own banks and institutions and everything then a financial decline affects us all alike. The more you have the more you have to lose too.

    Hooooly shit man that'd be like one goal every three days for the rest of the year. O_O_O Though if it was still 2020 and this was a thing all the way up till 2022 fo rizzle, bit more realistic a margin...

  9. Cyber
    Monday Jan/3/2022

    At this point there's just one of those goals I don't want to reveal before I've done it, lest someone maybe steal my idea and do it first. Plus some were possibly a bit too personal for comfort, but I don't think that'd stop revelation.

    Just that one final goal yet not done. So hopefully next year...

  10. S3C
    Wednesday Jan/5/2022

    Most of what I've said are goals, not resolutions, some which can be knocked out in the same day or in parallel with one another. A resolution imo is a long-term, lasting change, e.g. 'being more musical' while releasing an album would be a milestone or fulfillment towards the resolution.

    here's resolution #1 part 1...

    1. Purchase a bike, cycle to work at least two days a week

    Kill 3 birds with two wheels: save money in lieu of Joe Biden's soaring gas prices, exercise, better for the environment.

    2. Sponsor an NG contest

    3. Release/finish a prototype of Mr. Flacit's Word Search

    a classic NewGrounds game that I have been playing regularly for the past two years now. Technically the prototype is done. Just need to figure out the legality of the wordlist I'm using before release

    4. Make >= 50/100 freethrows (basketball)

    I think my best percentage is mid 30%

    5. read 5 or more books

    6. for any politically charged comment I make online donate to charity

    7. learn and record a verse from 10 jazz solos

    8. invest in a comfortable desk and office chair

    9. make a github website for NG purposes

    10. plant something

    11. rate each day 1-10

    12. take the blue pill

    13. organize my phone

    14. math push solver

    A game published to NewGrounds a day or two ago. would be a fun challenge to create a program that solves the puzzles for you

    15. volunteer somewhere

    16. Wish Sobolev a happy chinese new year

    17. Coach Belthagor into getting a first date

    18. Release I-X random thoughts blogs on NG

    19. Create something in MAX

    20. Refurbish some of my Linux VMs

  11. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/5/2022

    One noted task every three days for the rest of the year in advance is still a whole lotta tasks tho! Assuming new ones you hadn't planned on - and/or just routine-based ones that constantly need catering to - keep popping up during the duration of said year too. May require greater additional focus than planned to plow though I feel, but go you! All the power.

    Ah, assumed at least the first comment here implied resolutions specifically, as it was in response to a post with such title, but you're right there's definitely a definable difference between the two. Goals more so ways to direct efforts, each one an incremental such, towards long-term resolution, IOW problem solution. IOW the little tasks you set yourself to ultimately sort your life out, find purpose and accomplish greatness - in my case at least - that being the resolution all goals seem to build towards. This 'New Year resolution' thing is really not properly phrased huh...

    But like the Scandinavian mile I think I'll keep conveying it as ditto regardless. At least here it seems like a mislabeled norm that does apply internationally; to most people out there who potentially then falsely partake in such hopes and promises and dreams when each new phase of days comes around. I shall partially remedy such err by henceforth hopefully always including the 'goal' term within said post, so it all does apply to both, long-term resolution in also hopefully accomplishable yearly dosage...

    1. Joe Biden's not the only one keeping gas prices up either. :) Our local foe is Miljöpartiet. Once a government party advocating for a greener environment, that's somehow totally derailed and are pursuing interests that neither have any positive environmental impact nor are beneficial to anyone but those who live in the city where for example alternative transport methods are possible at no extra cost, and irrelevant to essential industries that for example harvest our foods...

    2. Nice. :) Have contemplated that but concluded I don't have the financial surplus to spend right now. Wonder how much of his income olskoo's really throwing into NG though, hella generous contributions sometimes...

    3. Like a spin-off? Intriguing, never played that one.

    4-5. *thumbs up*

    6. Which charity/how much/how would you define a 'politically charged comment'?

    8. I should definitely do this too. Raiseable desk. Got a new chair recently.

    9. Love this.

    10. Exotic plant-based alternatives possible where you live too! Imagining some watermelon mmm.

    If you seek to challenge yourself maybe shiitake.

    11. ThePoxBox style hell yeah. Did that one month last year. Have yet to post results.

    12. Might contain azo dye. Common allergen. Be wary.

    13. Good organization protocol.

    14. ? If you need help with that just lemme know, I gotcha. Was actually thinking I'd post a visual walkthrough too, proud I got through that one without assistance on but one level.

    15. Making the world a better place for reals, nice!

    16. Doable.

    17. Possibly difficult.

    18. Intriguing.

    19. I assume here the famous Swedish hamburger chain with said name that momentarily launched a branch in Dubai a couple years ago shares said name also with something else, potentially a programming language.

    As an alternation of this I vow to make a tower of fries this year.

    20. This refurbish thing. O_o

    Intriguing set so far! Looking forward to 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 and 81-100.

  12. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/5/2022

    Oh and it seems I missed #7! *thumbs up* there too.

  13. S3C
    Friday Jan/7/2022

    ok here's 21-40...all freebies, I hope :P

    21. cause 0 forest fires

    22. crash 0 stock markets

    23. take 0 flights to North Korea

    24. avoid getting into a fist fight with Tom Fulp

    25. murder 0 humans

    26. eat 0 live bugs

    27. punt 0 small animals

    28. refrain from ripping the space-time continuum

    29. do not get convinced into having a sex change

    30. get under 10 booster vaccines

    31. don't accidentally fall off the face of the Earth

    32. don't accidentally poop on a grandmother's face

    33. only wear women's clothing in public in the case of emergency

    34. do not get runover by a NASCAR

    35. listen to 0 Nickelback albums

    36. do not unironically resurrect an obsolete programming language

    37. do not trigger a coronal storm that destroys all electronics

    38. donate 0$ to EbaumsWorld

    39. enter 0 hot dog eating contests

    40. drop 0 grand pianos off a tall building

  14. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/8/2022

    You know what? Maybe this really is doable after all. XD I am reassured.

    Possibly irrelevant 21-40 set goal commentary:

    21-23. I do hope you manage these. :O

    24. Wonder if he CAN fight hmm, maybe he actually dos Krav Maga...

    25. *fingers crossed*

    26. Dead ones indeed preferable.

    27. Big animals indeed more advisable - though only up to a certain extent of bigness.

    28. Ripping indeed potentially prosecutable activity.

    29. Hopefully inconceivable!

    30. Booster vaccine boosts ideally only boosted so much.

    31. Hopefully you don't unwillingly discover the Earth is flat.

    32. Theoretically this seems fortunately unprobable. O_O

    33. In principle only then sound and preferable.

    34. Thoughts about attending some NASCAR races in 2022?

    35. I actually like Nickelback, but have yet to listen to one of their albums in its entirety either so... seems expedient and probable I too shall accomplish at least this.

    36. I hear Rust is a steel.

    37. How about a minor Carrington event instead?

    38. Wise.

    39. Apt.

    40. Would indeed be a shame on those grand pianos!

    With appropriate building shortage maybe more environmentally and musically beneficial.

  15. S3C
    Sunday Jan/16/2022

    I struggled to think of 20 more...may have to generate 39 more gimmicky ones

    41. release at least one jazz rendition of a VG song to NG

    42. Reserve this resolution for December 31. On that day fill it in with an additional accomplishment worth mentioning that isn't on this list

    43. Have Cyberdevil set a resolution, can choose from the list or a set a new one

    44. Using a random number generator, select a resolution from this list. if completed, remove five resolutions of my choosing (or do them anyway and get extra points); if likely to fail to complete I have to set 6 additional resolutions

    45. Complete 25 more l33tcode challenges

    46. Walk 30k steps in one day

    47. Walk 100k steps in a week

    48. Make a bumble or tinder account (again)

    49. Write 10 mathematical proofs

    50. Internalize irrational polyrhythms e.g. 5/3

    51. Generate/create a composition in all 42 ancohemiseptatonic modes

    Granted you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about...when you have novel obscure ideas publish them as soon as you can. I wrote something very similar to this in 2010:

    52. Retire autoplay-styled blogposts on NewGrounds

    53. Post 26 artists for each letter of the alphabet in DBF's name a musician thread

    54. Find at least 10 more clocks for olskoo (

    55. write 100 audio reviews

    56. Find a way to automate scripts through firefox (learn javascript?)

    normally I'd just run a script on a cloud server, but the approaching ubiquity of captchas and dynamic content on webpages is making this increasingly harder to automate via what is essentially a bot.

    that aside it would be a hella useful skill to have

    57. finish/release an old NG blog that was never released.

    58. go to bed before 00:30 AM for 5 days in a row

    goal is to aim before midnight, being a bit gentle on myself with a 30 minute grace period. this means in bed, no lights or electronics after 00:30. was gonna say 7 days, but this would be hard to accomplish on weekends. perhaps the least likely resolution on this list, almost as unlikely as me taking cold morning showers. barring health issue knock-on wood.

    59. only eat homemade meals for a week

    I normally don't buy from restaurants. The tricky part is staying away from pre-made stuff.

    60. take a hike

  16. S3C
    Sunday Jan/16/2022


    1. Well I think there are clear environmental benefits in Biden/America\'s case, although electric alternatives is dubious as that may involve the harvesting of rare metals - but my qualm here is the deleterious economic affect that its having on most industries, which are energy reliant

    2. Thinking of maybe not a contest per-se, but rewarding top reviewers or something at year end.

    3. yes

    6. this one\'s intentionally loosely defined. charity could be defined as mandatory taxes...or simply donating remaining change at store, which I typically do when getting groceries 1-2 times a week. So I could count this one as completed, as I doubt I make more than 100 politically charged comments online. As to what defines a politically charged comment: I\'ll know. For example, I consider and recorded RE #1. that I just wrote as a politically charged comment, and I just bought groceries yesterday.

    The motive here is people talk about politics too much, charity too little. If they focused on charitable actions than getting into heated political debates that brings discord more than anything else, the world would be a better place. Personally, my goal is to avoid/limit the latter.

    Damn! That\'s poltically charged comment #2. Being charitable isn\'t a punishment though, I donated when I bought yams last Wednesday...

    11. RIP oldpoxbox

    12. common allergens shouldn\'t be a concern where I\'m going

    14. I\'m not doing this so I can beat the game, I just think it would be a fun programming challenge. You feed it a level, whether it be in the game or not, and it solves it for you (or tells you the level is unbeatable)

    17. will likely be the resolution I retire if I complete 44. granted I don\'t get unlucky and 44 == 17.

    18. perhaps insurmountable and boring

    19. unfortunately restaurant fries tend to be non-gluten free, as they cook it in the same oil used to crisp breaded chicken . maybe if the burger chain doesn\'t have that on the menu, you may be good.

    yeah, it\'s a programming language sorta. There\'s some scripting to it. basically it\'s a bunch of widgets that you can wire together and make audio or visual projects from scratch. As in, you make your own DAW in a sense, and write the the music in it. A DAW might be overkill for production purposes, but it certainly is used to make programmatic music.

    24. Legend has it Tom Fulp has a 7-degree black belt in over 60 forms of martial arts.

    26. None ideal.

    27. None preferable.

    28. said prosecutors would be no more

    34. even if I wasn\'t trying to void likely super-spreader events, seems like a boring experience


    36. pun noted and appreciated but Rust is far from obsolete. It\'s growing in popularity and is a legitimate alternative to C++.

    37. Interesting, never knew about that...apparently if that Carrington Event happened now, it is estimated to cause over a trillion dollars in damages

  17. S3C
    Sunday Jan/16/2022

    speaking of captchas...I just got one WTF

  18. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/16/2022

    Any chance you could get a screencap on that captcha? Where/when does it appear? No visible option for it, assume it's the firewall though...

  19. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/16/2022

    41. Oh this sounds interesting! Can't recall the last VG Jazz track I've heard... if I ever have heard one!

    42. One day for potential last-minute greatness! Exciting.

    43. Like right now?

    44. Most creative resolution-related completion approach thus far! Though I wonder, since this particular approach wasn't outlined from the start, would checking off five resolutions with said potentially resolution-inducing practice actually be considered proper resolution completing process? Like what if you add in a #100 resolution potentially aquitting you of all #99 resolutions prior to it with a gamble of which the probability of winning is entirely up to you? At what point does this become an antiresolution?

    45. l33tcode challenges?

    46. That's a lot of steps! O_O

    47. Also a lot of steps but certainly more accomplishable collectively/accumulatively/with certain rest possible between said exercise-rich endeavors.

    48. Ah any (good) prior experiences with either of those? Have yet to test.

    49. Sobolev-level resolution fo rizzle!

    50. Saw a fascinating NPR tiny desk concert where they attempted to get the audience to clap in alternating polyrhythms. They just couldn't do it.

    51. Have no idea what this... yes, exactly, right. Seeing the image I'm still not sure I know more than before, but seems impressive, whatever this is. Actually didn't even know Jazz theory was a thing. Assumed Jazz was in essence antonymic to anything formulaic.

    52. Because functionality thereof is these days limited and not guaranteed? :(

    53. 26 artists for EACH letter, or 26 artists, one for each letter? If #1 that's a lot of letters. O_O

    54. For one there is the somewhat unknown CyberClock...

    55. If you do this four consecutive years you'd contend for the Top 200 Reviewers list too!

    56. Curious for what purpose but sounds like a good goal regardless. For ways to circumvent newly discovered CDB captcha device possibly...?

    57. Intrigued!

    58. I'd definitely have a harder time doing this than initiating said daily showers. O_O Showers seem somewhat easier in that they actually grant you an instantaneous reward in the feeling of focus and light euphoria you attain if you manage to persevere just one, be that by will or accident - I'd think I've experienced similar effects just being for example unintentionally outdoors in a shower of rain on a cold day, but committing to earlier bedtime seems to garner little perceivable reward, especially in the short term... the benefits thereof are questionable too. Do you actually feel good if you get up early? To some extent it feels like an entirely self-programmatic effect. If you believe the day is longer if you're up earlier then it is. If you believe you are more focused then you are. If however you actually usually get up so late you miss the sun entirely then yes I can see this might have some notable and especially long-term noticeable health benefits.

    59. That'd be good. :) Thoughts on condiments, are they allowed? What is per your consideration 'homemade'? Made from the ground up? To a certain extent from the ground up? Simply combined at home?

    60. Should be doable! On the double. Or single. However. With a Pringle: much better.

  20. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/16/2022


    1. Yesss, agreed. I can't speak for your country/situation of course but I see the same issue here, mainly potentially pretty disastrous yet unintentional economic side-effects of a too rapid shift from fossils to electrics.

    2. Ooh that'd be cool. We could use a few more active reviewers too, as it is it's pretty much just me, X, Ericho and Wegra with consistent gain year after year.

    3. Nice.

    6. Ah this one's on automatic then. So grocery-related donations for a maximum of 104 politically charged comments this year, and potential surplus in mandatory taxes... do you actually get to direct taxes in particular towards a charity of choice though, how does that work? Read that donations are exempt from tax, but that's basically just a gift no, no extra benefits with already existing tax you pay on other income?

    Aye, that's a good cause. I'm more on a mission of enlightenment myself. Change more so than charity. Solve problems rather than pour money into fixing their adverse effects. But of course there is a lot of whining and not much doing, and a lot of focus on the bad more so than the good. I wonder though how much charitable donations truly help. Would investing in buying land and managing said land in a good way bring more benefit to the environment than donating to plant trees in Africa, for example? That may in time simply get cut down again and said donation be for naught.

    How does directed investment compare to charitable action. Is a donation simply a way to appease the mind and feel like you do some good in the world, or is it really a way to exact some positive change. Is the action of charity a positive influence in itself, or do you need to somehow involve others for this to counter said potentially politically charged debate that ends up bringing about more change-hindering negativity than actual progress within said field?

    I guess this'd be a politically charged comment too hmm. In regard to that 'get Cyberdevil to make a resolution' resolution I'm definitely not going for this one, might cost me a lot this year, or any other. ;) Though a good motive I feel I have lesser means to spare on monetarily generous gestures as such, but more importantly maybe don't believe as much in the positive effects hereof. But I do applaud the intention; notion; resolve! And potential butterfly effect of goodness. In giving and giving more so than taking and getting back.

    Donations on a local level seem all the more relevant too. To smaller businesses. Or charities and organizations otherwise that work very specific intentions and mapped out plans for improvement that really solidify all investments in a way that lets you can see immediate results.

    11. RIP indeed. :( Just checked out the new one now, assumed something had happened to the old when you mentioned it that way... still a lot of goals there, good to see some activity again, but unfortunately streamlined. I miss the detail levels and design with the former...

    12. How about uncommon allergens?

    14. Aha! Interesting. Kinda like this:

    In regard to this:


    Was just thinking when I saw that that it'd be cool if there were more user-based contributions like it. Code snippets that actually interacted with existing games... to some other effect than to just hack or cheat. So that'd be awesome.

    Would this be similarly CLI? Envisioned something GUI-based first but I suppose it'd be more so a practical; mathematical thing.

    17. Murphy's law hmm. :)

    18. I can't imagine! At least not the boring part, insurmountable possibly, but always intriguing.

    19. Wouldn't that make also fried vegan/vegetarian food alternations non-vegan? Also a problem there that such alternatives are not truly that?

    I'd like to think they wouldn't do that here, but maybe I'm wrong... breaded chicken is however not common with most common franchises here, so maybe this is a less common issue. Burgers are of course otherwise generally not fried. It appears I may be good, but shall have to do some further research.

    To provide lactose-free alternatives they wouldn't even be allowed to fry mozzarella sticks in the same vat though, and some people are severely allergic, shouldn't be able to claim they have entirely dairy-free alternatives if they don't. Must have alternatives.

    (Though I was actually thinking more so of stacking fries at home, so maybe no issue either way.)

    Ahh, interesting. Used within/for particular software then, or entirely standalone?

    24. I wouldn't put it beyond him. The mastery this one man has achieved; the multitude of things he seems to manage with his time...

    26. I hear crickets are pretty tasty though! Actually I've tried some, now that I mention it. Somewhat non-mentionable taste-wise but very crispy.

    27. But if animals have to be puntable then bigger advisable for optimal fairness/being nice and all.

    28. That sounds like a scenario almost positively procurable...

    34. Have you ever been to one? Any races of any forms? Am curious as it seems a somewhat more American due and possibility. Rare with any form of races over here, though I did go to a Monster Truck event once. That was fun.


    36. Ah. Assumed the intention with not unironically resurrecting an obsolete programming language might be to pick a programming language that wasn't, but I realize now the intention was to not to do anything here at all.

    Indeed I hear good things about Rust, hope it'll last a long time since they chose it for Ruffle.

    37. Doesn't sound implausible at all. :) The reality that the prospect of such a thing happening again is not unlikely makes me question the level of faith we have in technology, and I personally, and how the confidence I have in my current backup regime even though all backups I have are all stored on similarly magnetic devices and could easily all be wiped clean by similar occurrence seems very very misplaced and unreasonable.

    If you want to learn more about that:

    Though maybe not all that much more to learn there either way. That was it basically.

  21. S3C
    Monday Jan/17/2022

    54. completed 1/17/22 and still searching...

  22. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/18/2022

    well...if we are being technical, I found 570 dead clocks or so, so I still need to find ~555 lol

  23. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/18/2022

    54. Daaamn I thought you were adding names, not removing. Wonder if there are enough undiscovered clocks yet out there to fill in that recently discovered gap...

    ...are you using a script for these btw? Random word list + clock?

  24. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/18/2022

    Was just about to say.

    But you found a bundle already then huh, fifteen plus...

  25. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/18/2022

    of course, I'm using the scrabble word list (also know as collins.txt)

  26. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/18/2022

    well I scraped English words 95 in total. over/under on finding 600?

  27. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/18/2022

    collins.txt huh, good to know about.

  28. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/18/2022

    95 clocks on just short of 10% of the alphabet hmm? Though probable words beginning with these the first letters, possibly even C (for added clock-related context) might be a bit more commonly used than most of the latter ones... it does seem possible there'll be enough to fill that gap! I'll estimate a rough ~700 A-Z.

    Hopefully a large portion of these aren't yet listed either though.

    Probably a ton of clocks out there that heed not to conventional word-based naming if not, though how to find...

  29. S3C
    Wednesday Jan/19/2022

    11.5% of the alphabet, but around 2.2% of the total amount of words...

    true...i probably would find more if I comprised a list of nationalities, first names, surnames, real people full-names, fictional characters, companies, restaurants, snacks first...

  30. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/19/2022

    Interesting... maybe a lot around the mnop rst ones in particular? Do you get any counts/letter?

    True true. Maybe some very comprehensive brute-force lists flying around out there that'd be useful for something like this too? Though curious what kind of resources you have at your disposal for stuff like this. How fast can you search? Suppose you have to stay under the NG request limits even if you could go at a higher pace too.

  31. S3C
    Thursday Jan/20/2022

    so far:
    A: 16
    B: 34
    C: 46
    D: 11
    E: 4

    yes...there\'s RockYou.txt- 133 MB of the most common passwords. By comparison, collins.txt word list is 2.7 MB (the dictionary itself is 17.7 MB). Of course, the list I\'m using is case insensitive; whereas a password list is case sensitive, can have numbers and special characters. I can certainly go faster...but what\'s the rush. I\'m running a single threaded script on a lone VM that only runs when my computer is open. At most, I get ~10 HTTP HEAD requests/second. I could run multiple VMs in parallel, but I\'m not sure how much instances Google will let me run at a time. I\'ve tried like 2 or 3 at most simultaneously. Note these are HTTP HEAD requests, it simply returns the HTTP status and maybe some other metadata like filesize. If I receive a redirect code, then I perform a HTTP GET which returns the redirected URL and the webpage in the response. This is slower to the client and more expensive on the server whereas HEAD requests are negligible for a large-scale website like NewGrounds.

    I\'ve noticed my script stops receiving responses around 16k-20k requests. Not sure if NewGrounds ends up blocking the IP. If it\'s a captcha I\'d expect a redirect...but ultimately I think the server side chooses what code it sends? Either, I just do a factory reset, Google chooses the next VM available and the script works again.

  32. S3C
    Thursday Jan/20/2022

    speaking of HTTP codes...these are HEAD requests

    t1 = '' -> got 404
    t2 = '' -> got 301
    t3 = '' -> got 302...whereas GET returns 403

    got 200 for these, which I suppose is appropriate. wasn't sure if I would get the actual code the page is for

    t4 = ''
    t5 = ''
    t6 = ''
    t7 = ''
    t8 = ''

  33. S3C
    Thursday Jan/20/2022

    Mod forum...hehe. similarly, HEAD request returns a 301, GET returns 401. So I'm forbidden to EVER use the admin panel as there can only be One Cyberdevil...and unauthorized to use the mod forum because I don't have mod privileges...yet

  34. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/20/2022

    Ah I was right about the Cs! :D But so few on E. Intriguing...

    Mmm, usernames can have numbers too, though seems unlikely passwords containing numbers overall would be a common component of clock names, got me curious though. After this I do wonder how much something like that might turn up. Just one or two previously unfound ones? A bundle? A hundred? You could cut out case differences at least via some sort of duplicate search/removal. Excel has that, if there's no better script out there for it.

    Ah that is pretty fast though. Just opening up a bundle of submissions at a time (10-20 maybe) sometimes gives me a 'you're making too many requests, slow down' error, and that's HUMAN speed. Suppose the amount of requests per page is significantly higher than each HEAD-related one though. Wonder by how much - does a status code header count as just a single request? Wonder if you could get around such limits via browser too by for example disabling website images or similar... hmm, at the 16k-20k requests level I wonder if your script could be getting a similar response. There's no redirect then, the browser window just shows a 'you're making too many requests, slow down' in plain text, not sure about header info.

    Would multiple VM instances = multiple IPs? Factory reset/next VM = new IP? That's handy...

  35. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/20/2022

    Man you're probably triggering a tonna stuff on my firewall. XD But thank you, if you actually turn up some exploits better if you find 'em before anyone else does! Seems it's working as it should be working thus far...

    Did you actually manage to run into all those status code redirect pages, or found them via site links? Been wondering if it's even possible to get redirected to the 500 one in particular, the server usually overrides, redirects don't go through at that point.

    Wonder if it's technically possible to redirect on 200 status codes. XD It should be, but that wouldn't work so well hmm...

  36. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/20/2022

    Wonder if you've been trying to log onto the admin panel here too btw? Been getting some unusually specific username attempts, usually seems to just be bots going with the standard WP 'admin' one.

    This just might explain the captcha notice too.

    I can't find any options on that at all though, still not sure if it's the firewall, or the platform, or possibly the host. Maybe they have of flood detection built in too.

  37. Cyber
    Thursday Jan/20/2022

    Speaking of the mod forum, compiled this reference a while back, maybe of interest:

    BBS forums, Unlisted

    BBS forums, Restricted - BBS mods - probably portal mods - mod lounge - audio mods - probably art mods

    BBS forums, Missing Network News

  38. S3C
    Saturday Feb/5/2022's teh remaining 40...

    61. Learn 100 Swedish words

    62. Learn 365 new English words

    63. Compile 100 interesting Wikipedia articles

    64. Program something multi-threaded or parallel

    65. Compile 100 interesting StackExchange Q&A


    67. Create a musicalish based off the Name-A-Musician Thread

    68. Create a favorite 100 CyberDb post

    69. Create a top 100 movies post

    70. Create a schedule of rough deadlines to finish these goals

    71. Limit sugary foods/drinks for a month

    this one's a bit hard to quantify. The goal is to make conscience decisions when there's a ready alternative. Would have said abstain...but that's highly impractical given the inevitable ubiquity of sweetening in the American diet...For example, I'm not ready to give up breakfast cereals purely out of convenience and virtually all cereals here have added sugar.

    72. Create 100 new song titles

    73. Make structs and methods of C++ classes and libraries for C

    74. Analyze a piece of classical music

    75. Comprise a list of 100 things I'm grateful for

    76. Do something aural training related

    77. attempt to learn a difficult (for me) piano piece

    attempt, as I'm not confident I can learn the piece in mind in entirety. Minimal goal is be able play every two measures consecutively.


    80-81. RESERVED FOR MARCH 2022

    82-83. RESERVED FOR APRIL 2022

    84-85. RESERVED FOR MAY 2022

    86-87. RESERVED FOR JUNE 2022

    88-89. RESERVED FOR JULY 2022

    90-91. RESERVED FOR AUGUST 2022


    94-95. RESERVED FOR OCTOBER 2022



    100. Create 100 2022 Resolutions

    and since it's February...

    78. Re-create/prototype the popular game Wordle

    79. Learn how to do basic mathematical operations (e.g. round) in a minimal assembly architecture

  39. S3C
    Saturday Feb/5/2022

    and now for the REs:

    RE: resolutions

    6. The charity has to be vetted by some organization...there's a decent amount of leeway in to where/how much you can donate for a tax write-off.

    That's kinda why I'm against charity in's like an estranged parent spoiling their kids with money to go away and have someone else solve their problem, shying away from their responsibilities. Money doesn't solve problems, but it's often needed to solve problems...if that makes sense...

    14. yep, it would be a CLI, educational/math based program. Though perhaps a GUI learning/development goal may be one of the 78-99 goals if it piques my interest down the line...

    17. knock on wood but I don't think that applies to digital random number generators...

    18. sure hope I don't disappoint...

    19. quite possibly, as pesca-vegetarian, would you eat fries that were cooked in the same oil as fried chicken? I don't think that's a 1:1 comparison, as gluten-free diets are allergy/insensitivities based, while veganism and vegetarianism oft implies an ethical component.

    I can only think of one burger chain here that doesn't also serve fried

    And for that reason, restaurants do not claim there fries as being gluten-free items- even if they are technically just potatoes and oil, they are bathed in oil that is cross contaminated with wheat.

    37. cool.

    43. preferably by 12/31/22...that said, each day closer to 2023 is a smidge less preferable...P.S. in your second response to #6- I meant you choose/create a resolution for -me-, not that you create an (additional) one for yourself. Though setting one for yourself from this list would be entertaining if not beneficial.

    44. True- but I didn't do that. So I think it's ok in good faith. Only five potential anti-resolutions out of a 100 resolution list.

    45. yeah...try it sometime...if it's your type of thing

    46. Alas...only around 3 Scandinavian miles

    48. Largely unfruitful...single moms have a type. The first problem is I prefer Seinfeld over Friends & The Office

    50. semi-surprised you are familiar

    51. jazz is improvisational and can be spontaneous...I'd argue it's less formulaic (and certainly predictable) than most forms of music...these are simply some esoteric theoretical premises for a certain style of musical ideas to flourish

    52. pretty much all browsers these days have autoplay blocked, you have to explicitly whitelist sites and even then...don't think it's worth it. Time for something new

    55. I think I was on there for a while with my previous account...initially fourteen years ago. Alas, less time for users to accumulate grand totals of reviews written...and submissions being removed a lesser rate back then too

    56. So I don't have to spin a script through a cloud but namely yes, not circumventing but having the ability to execute related functionality post-captcha/login/authorization

    57. sure hope I don't disappoint...

    58. there is no benefit for me being jolted by hydrolyzed needles, only suffering. hmm...really, I always pegged you as a morning person with healthy night-time habits. My e-stalker/observational skills notices your online activity ceases around 23:00-24:00. Also made a faux pais in juxtaposing the sensible 24 hour time format with the silly American AM/PM system. Well, the 'science' says that people who go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, feel better rested. Anecdotally they seem overall healthier and happier too. The Circadian clock is geared for brains to go into low-power mode when it's dark out. I've always gravitated towards being a nite owl. So the truth of whether I'd feel better personally, is dubious. But unfortunately, I live in a society that revolves around earlier hours, in which case adapting said sleeping habits would be beneficial for integration purposes.

    59. Condiments are allowed. The 'base' would have to be made semi-ground up. Other prepared stuff, is permissible within reason. There should be some cooking involved. Not just load into an oven/microwave/heater and be ready to go.

    RE: clocks: well I went through the entire alphabet and got about 328...did a list of ~18000 first names and only got 12 more wtf. BUT, I noticed that my script was not returning consistent results: meaning, it missed some URLS- received a 4xx code when it should have received a 200 or 300. This is on hold until as I invest the issue further...

  40. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/6/2022

    61. Åhå det här blir spännande! Undrar vilka verbala variationer du kan tänkas snappa upp på det häringa språket.

    62. One word for each day hmm. :) Going with any of the daily word sites out there for this?

    63. Hope in public! Interesting to skim through when due too if you do this due you.

    64. Wonder how complex this'd be.

    65. Interesting too.

    66. ??? <- ah was this mayhaps the one you're waiting on me for?

    67. That's a good idea.

    68. Woo looking forward to this! :D

    69. And this!

    70. Finna have a potentially somewhat stressful year this year if these are on a strict schedule no less!

    71. Hmm if the goal is to make conscience decisions when there's a ready alternative: thoughts on swapping out cereal in particular for muesli for a month too? I do love sugary cereals too but I don't think I've had any in years now. I'd say at least a decade but it's possible I might've made some exception with occasional hotel breakfasts.

    Anyway I wonder if this is to some extent a cultural necessity. That it's just a common norm over there? As it isn't here I assume I've simply conformed to norm myself with muesli. Maybe subconsciously felt like muesli was a healthier (as in made me feel better - not that I actually opt for it for health-related reasons consciously otherwise) way to start the day too.

    I've been thinking about swapping out said muesli routine for just some fried or scrambled eggs though. Seems more nutritious. Tastier too.

    72. But no songs? XD I used to write book titles when I was little, but no books, have notebooks filled with thousands of titles...

    73. Beyond know-how but go pow!

    74. Speaking of, wonder if you know the name of:

    75. This sounds like possibly the best bit of this list. True appreciation = fuel for great creation. Been wanting to make it a part of a currently non-existent meditation routine to think of something I'm grateful for each day too, seems like a good way to wind down before sleep especially; make all potential frustrations of the day seem all the more superficial and unnecessary.

    76. Oh! Thought this'd be a spiritual goal. Sounded spiritual. Apparently it's something I oughta be doing more of too, learning to recognize notes; find harmonies better; get a deeper understanding of why things sound good when they do and why not when not...

    77. I wonder, do you know any Meatloaf songs by heart? Some good piano sequences there I think.

    78-99. Good idea on reservations.

    100. If #1 was to 'create an impulsive 100 2022 resolutions for fun', is this #100 also self-fulfilling, or simply a step within a step, a list within this list within the aforementioned list of resolutions, of which only the first has thus far been revealed? is this resolution inception? A paradox? A loop? An endeavor without end or a wholesome such where both beginning and end tie together as one and the same?!

    78. I didn't know this one was as popular as it was before I stumbled upon the NG threads of it. :) This'd be cool. Possibly with a different number of letters per word if you want something distinctly different from the original; not a straight up replica?

    Would be especially cool if this was something that could run with an NG API connection to for example save statistics, and have high scores for most wins and such. I assume you could automate the daily selection; not need any further manual work once an algorithm's all done... excited to see how this turns out anyhow!

    79. Resolution beyond my know-how here too but sounds good to know!

  41. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/6/2022

    RE: but not like Resident Evil

    6. Aha. Read up a bit on this, seems you could deduct up to $300 of cash donations per person without having to itemize last year, not sure what itemizing implies, but a small portion at least huh...

    Yupp yupp, it makes sense. Feels like you just gotta be careful about how and to whom you give money for it to matter, all too much is squandered... but the people who have the least apparently give the most though, proportionate to what they have, so we're really all shamefully disingenuous and greedy in comparison.

    Money does keeps it all spinning, according to this system we live in...

    11. Spoke a bit to Pox btw, he seems to be living the life this days, albeit frugally. But retiring at such an early age and just treating life as a big adventure... I must say I'm in a bit of envy. Gotta get shit sorted a bit better; find a similarly appreciably spontaneous and inspiring path.

    14. Nice.

    17. *fingers crossed your reasoning on this particular theory not being applicable to digital random number generator-based endeavors is solid*

    18. That'd be quite difficult. :) I hold no particular expectations, but imagine said pondering will be well-versed and potentially somewhat enlightening and/or introspective, as usual.

    19. Hmm, if I knew the oil had been used for chicken as well maybe I wouldn't. I know I've eaten fish filets and similar that were cooked on the same flattop stove as meat before them, but I have no major problems with that, it just possibly lowers my appetite a bit initially. But since this is not an allergy so much as a lifestyle choice (both moral and dietary) it doesn't seem imperative my food doesn't mix with ingredients I'd rather avoid, more so important that I just don't voluntarily choose them.

    In a way it seems a waste of resources to excessively clean said stove between preparation, or to warm separate stoves instead of just warming one, and reasoning should be similar for the fryer, though since all ingredients there are encased in liquid it seems probable they'd mix a bit more... I'd probably avoid fries fried in the same oil as said chicken if it was done visibly and in notable; large batches, but on a less noticeable scale wouldn't think much about it.

    Right, I feel similarly in regards to allergy/sensitivity choices compared to ethical ones. I know I don't feel good if I eat gluten, so I definitely avoid that for more practical reasons. If say someone offers me a bit of chicken and it'd be unkind to refuse it I don't know what I'd do. Then again if you never eat meat you may not have the ideal enzymes required to break down all proteins as well there either, so it might be a bad call to accept on practical grounds too. Probably a bigger issue with say red meat than chicken though. Hmm...

    Oh, which burger chain doesn't also serve fried chicken there? Maybe more do here too; it's just not a commonly observable menu choice...

    Looked this up regarding local fast food restaurants, and you're right, there's no guarantee the fries are gluten-free anywhere really, though it doesn't seem to be chicken specifically they all fry, just various breaded items. I assume there's probably more mozzarella, onion rings; stuff like that.

    Need to fry your own to really be in the clear there though huh, I have been thinking about getting an air fryer...

    37. You really think so?! More like dystopian; nightmarish; draconian in how it might without warning change our world and lives entirely in but a moment of time. O_O

    43. Gotcha. :) Have some time to choose then, and figure out one suitable new one for you too... it would be entertaining and probably beneficial with one more for myself too yes, and plenty of entertaining in addition to beneficial ones to choose from here...

    44. True true, not too one-sided a gamble, or too decisive a win if you do win.

    45. ? I shall bookmark, not the most proficient with code but it'd be good to learn some more yes...

    46. XD I wonder if it'd be humanly possible to walk 30k Scandinavian miles in a single year hmm... that'd be a bit over 82 per day then, assuming you can manage a Scandinavian mile in a bit less than an hour at reasonable regular walking pace, or a couple if you jog... maybe not huh! Or maybe only David Goggins.

    48. Just looking for single moms? Just single moms on those? Aha. Mutual problem then.

    50. Can't recall what NPR concert that was, but I have been listening to a few artists with these strange kinda rtythms lately. Also:

    Had you mentioned this a few years ago I would have been clueless.

    51. Mmm that's probably true, I suppose there's a pattern to anything with a fundamental groove; pleasant audial tone to it. And all spontaneity in improvisation derived from years of practice and similar instrumental habit-building.

    52. Well that's a bummer. :/ Same with a lot of referral or link-opening JS functionality too it seems. Browsers getting too secure these days.

    55. Ah right, you probably were early on there... the margin for acceptance's risen a bit over the years, naturally, but I'm still surprised at how few active users there are on the list. I wonder if it's just that there are users out there commenting on submissions without being aware of NG Logs or the stat game overall, or communicating with other users, and thus they just never reach the list. User addition's still manual after all, even though users can add themselves now, and the crawling process is automatically done for them after that.

    But I don't think submission removals are that great a factor. Back in the day the blam ratio was still considerably higher, and moderation removed plenty, albeit possibly not as quickly as they do now. Overtime the probability a submission stays probably does get lower and lower, but within the span of time you qualify for these lists I don't think that's so much a factor. Users who are on the list have very consistent numbers too even after years of inactivity.

    As long as you're not really unlucky with review choices, and happen to review everything on an account that gets purged. Seems rare but...

    56. Sounds like the kind of scripting any spam-bot maker would be happy to know too. :) Sounds like this might be complicated, considering for example how little spam actually managed to get through undetected even here, were defenses really aren't that high-tech...

    57. It's good to be hopeful. :) Seems unlikely here too tho!

    58. You just don't realize the benefit yet I think. :) Ah that's not so though. Might you be using another timezone than GMT+1 as reference? Though it may be that I generally don't spend time on NG beyond 23-24, except for one last B/P gathering session before I get to bed around 1-2 AM... it might be more common I try to wind down with a movie then, or just plow through some other last-minute dues elsewhere... gotta look more closely at my habits here. What dues and what times. Not sure.

    I do start the day with NG, anyway. But I start late. I get up around 10-11 AM on free days, and 9-10 on work days. Today it was a bit after 12. Usually I get to bed around 1-2 AM and fall asleep around 2-3. Usually read/write for at least half an hour.

    Hehe, though it does feel like the AM/PM further clarifies that said numbers refer to a time specifically, if that isn't already clear by context, but anyhow...

    I've read that too, though to some extent I wonder if it's not so that people who generally feel healthier also generally get up earlier for that same reason. But maybe it is a self-fulfilling habit. definitely good to be up when it's light and sleep when it's dark, but seems there's certain maneuverability between said dark and light beyond what we normally consider early or late. I've also read that as long as you sleep between 11 and 4 AM specifically you get in those ideal hours; the surrounding ones don't matter as much. Be it that you go to sleep earlier to get up later then, however you manage the required 7-9 to really feel rested. The amount of which seems in part probably genetic.

    But maybe I'm just trying to justify bad habits at this point. Didn't use to be this late. Before the last 1-2 years I think I was going pretty steady in falling asleep at latest around 1 AM.

    Better sleeping habits would be beneficial for integration purposes yes, no doubt there. I have flexible working hours as is but I do know the boss would prefer I started a bit earlier in the morn. And of course early appointments and such easily become a bigger endeavor than they really need be if only I conformed.

    I do get a bit better bedtime habits in summer, but I like being up late and reading or writing even then. It feels like a time of calm. Assumedly then: I'd need a time of calm during a different time of day if I'd opt for different hours for optimal wellbeing. Is it possibly to attain the same level of calm during regular time, when everyone else is awake? Or is there more to it than just this?

    A large part of it's definitely the digital realm though. Computers keep me awake all too easily, and definitely affect my natural state or sense of drowsiness at later hours. Lack of innate natural physical activity during the day too.

    59. Gotcha. Seems a reasonable compromise on ease of meals and management.

    RE: clocks: Interesting. I did an attempt at crawling audio download for a while earlier too, but had similar inconsistencies. Sometimes it'd skip a line of links even though a few of them should've downloaded. Assumed time-out/request amount errors. Interesting to hear how that all goes! Lotta first names too.

  42. S3C
    Sunday Feb/6/2022

    61. Aha det har blir spannande! Undrar vilka verbala variationer du kan tankas snappa upp pa det haringa spraket (Dags att investera i ett svenskt tangentbord)

    62. No, no daily word sites...but see #78: should be pretty easy to complete alongside this. Also was thinking of reading the dictionary to complete 1/5 of #5...

    66. {}

    70. Just a rough deadline...hard deadline for all is 1/1/2023

    71. Is Muesli ready made? Same thing with oatmeal, it takes extra time and steps to pour in the right proportions of water and cook. Making eggs requires even more steps. With cereal I simply pore it into the bowl and it\'s ready to go. Otherwise I\'d do it, but it\'s not effort and time I\'d want to sacrifice in mornings where I typically oversleep my alarm by 1-2 hours...

    72. But no songs...that takes a level of creativity and dedication that I may not have at the incident a song title springs to mind...

    74. Damn! Got me. Damn those classical musicians with their generic song titles...They should partake in #72 some time...

    75. good idea

    76. +1 English words attained

    77. I don\'t think I\'ve heard any Meatloaf (RIP) songs...

    100. Nope, #1 is Purchase a bike, cycle to work at least two days a week. #100 is indeed a pre-planned, self-filfulling prophesy, but nice thoughts :P

    78. I finished it yesterday actually...yes you can do any length of displays the definition too upon finishing...I\'m actually doing worse by the sheer amount of obscure words that are in the dictionary...whereas Wordle\'s daily choice is curated and I haven\'t lost yet

    this sounds like something I could make $$ off of, it\'s a popular game, yet you can only play once a day. I could charge $1/month for unlimited plays.

    Tying back into NewGrounds, maybe supporters could play unlimited times a day, non-supporters can only play the \'daily word\'. Could do a scoreboard on that, although that would be pointless, most certainly people would cheat. The other scoreboard option would be like I\'m doing now, randomly select words...and record how long your streak is where each round gets a points multiplier for the amount of guesses.

    79. lol same

    RE: but not like Resident Evil

    17. If my theory is wrong it would not be a random number generator and the goal is failed...either way we cannot ascertain from one ill-fated draw of the random number generator that it is the result of Murphy\'s Law or just sheer bad luck...

    19. That\'d be In-N-Out...ironically they have superior service they cook gluten free burgers (lettuce wraps) there in a separate steel cage/oil if you ask...don\'t see how the bread buns would come into cross contamination though

    37. Thinks can be cool and grave at the same dystopian sci-fi flicks...just wouldn\'t want to live in them

    45. that\'s the one!

    50. looks likes he got lots of educational videos on his page since I last Boy-In-A-Band back in the day

    55. Even with anecdotal evidence against my hypothesis I\'m skeptical...Maybe from 2017-present the removal rate is the same but in 2008: users weren\'t easily granted account wipes, you couldn\'t delete your submission if it was featured in a flash, people were less sensitive\regretful about what they posted, minimal copyright restrictions.

    Looking at my Suspended-3rd-Chord account audio reviews:

    2008: 444
    2009: 406 (-38)
    2010: 396 (-10)
    2011: 389 (-7)
    2014: 389 (-0) WTF!
    2019: 371 (-16, ~-3/year)
    2020: 366 (-5)
    2022: 366 (-0)

    forgot one RE

    RE Status Codes:

    I got them from here:

    The 402 was just a guess as to what might be unauthorized. If possible, I\'d recommend moving the admin panel to a page that isn\'t named admin...and no, I haven\'t attempted to login...that would be too nefarious an action for me

    also when I get the Captcha my apostrophes are parsed as literals as if the message was executed as a string sensitive to escape characters: ' -> \'.

  43. S3C
    Sunday Feb/6/2022

    didn't get to finish my edit...

    also when I get the Captcha my apostrophes are parsed as literals as if the message was executed as a string sensitive to escape characters: ' -> \'. Wonder if this a security flaw allowing for injectable code...

  44. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/8/2022

    61. (You nailed that bit :) Maybe possible to just map some key combinations for å ä ö should you need 'em? When we lived abroad I used to occasionally copy and paste those, or just use a and o instead. Granted didn't use much computer back then in the first place though.

    62. Ah right, clever! Sounds like a pretty intense and extensive reading experience potential with that dictionary though. :O

    66. !!!

    70. It's a rough and hard life hmm hmm.

    71. We do make our own muesli, but you can get it ready-made if you'd want to. Simple gluten-free foundation if of interest: rolled oats, raisins or chopped up dates, quickly chopped up walnuts or similar, flaxseed, and preferably a little bit of something puffed, like puffed quinoa or rice. If you have other seeds or dried fruits at your disposal even better. Sunflower, pumpkin, dried coconut - that's the next level. For the foundation it's easy to just pour it all in a big bowl and stir around, you can see when the distribution's good when it actually looks tasty. Not too much flax though for fiber and lax - most of that usually just sinks to the bottom anyway.

    Oatmeal and eggs do seem to require more prep time yes, but muesli you just need to prepare once, a good batch easily lasts a month, can be stored in glass jars or what have you. If indoor temperature is too warm you can probably put of a part of it in the freezer so there's no risk of it going bad.

    It's basically like cereal after that, but healthier. Potentially tastier too if you add in some fruitier stuff. ;) Only dry ingredients though.

    72. Do you usually think up titles every once in a while as is? Occasionally make songs based on titles you have?

    Been starting to have the title the last step myself, I think it adds a certain pressure to make content that matches a good title if you have one in advance... but if you write you just write, and occasionally it turns out good enough you need to spend some time on getting a good title for it. Suppose with instrumentals the title might embody the theme, and show you the way in a different way...

    74. Ah you didn't know the name either? :D Thought someone schooled in music might have these memorized, I didn't even know it was Chopin though. Yeaaah, #72 could've come in handy there, alas these resolutions come a mite century post!

    75. *thumbs*

    76. I did fo sure, but you too?

    77. RIP indeed. :/ That piano thing though:

    100. But that #1 was just the first one in part 1 of 'resolution #1'! :P

    78. Niiice! It's offline code at this point I suppose? Definitely sounds like a potential dollar-inducing item if you could get it out to the masses in a way which curates certain addiction. But do we have any good alternative to the Mochi Ads of old now hmm, wonder how you go about monetizing web-based games these days, short of selling them...

    Ah. In-game purchases. I think the specifically curated daily word might be one of the lures with Wordle in particular: It's not too much, it's special, it's equal for all, but some peeps oughta want more from it for sure.

    Would tie in well with your charity resolution too then! Getting people to rep the site and all.

    That sounds good.

    79. Ah but soon no longer!

    RE: but not like Resident Evil

    17. Riiight, that's one way of looking at it... that brings up the question of what is truly random. Do random number generators truly generate entirely random numbers? I recall listening to some TED talk thing about how there is a pattern even to what we perceive to be random; that maybe there is no random at all...

    19. Woo lettuce wrap burgers too, seems like it'd have been easier to just go with gluten-free bread, but that's healthy. Good to know. Lettuce wrap maybe more so an aesthetic thing than an actual practical alternative to gluten-free bread? I've no idea why they would've gone with that but I like the idea. Never tried that before.

    37. True true. But this... could become our reality. O_O With a slightly mishap or match with the sun and our path.

    45. Whoop!

    50. He's doing a lot of those lately fo rizzle. Offering processional music-related courses too occasionally. Done become a teacher he has. Whatever happened to Boy-In-A-Band though, used to watch his videos too, hope he didn't succumb to that nefarious/ongoing depression he had...

    55. That's true. I haven't studied the numbers thoroughly, but I do check in on this list frequently: my observations may be a bit more than just anecdotal. KWAS71KCK for example (inactive for a long time now) rarely loses anything, or just a few reviews any odd month, which I assume are probably due to copyright-related deletions as they discover them...

    I thought submissions featured in submissions still couldn't be deleted btw. :/ Bummer if they changed that. Saved some of mine during the hacking back when.

    You may be right though. People definitely seemed less sensitive\regretful, and copyright wasn't as big an issue, but that's still not so bad after a full 14 years is it, looking at your numbers? Ca 15% removal ratio thus far.

    2009 in particular seemed a bit drastic, was thinking at first maybe that's when they started cracking down on copyright, but seems probable also a submission's more prone to being deleted shortly after submission than later on. So maybe the growing probability on deletions overtime isn't that bad at all in comparison. Long term seems the loss ratio thus far is closer to 10%.

    RE Status Codes: Good to know! Some nefarious people hanging around here lately though then... security by obscurity definitely helps, I had a different CP URL for a while too, though hopefully the login's hardened beyond that. Mainly brute-force protection and a generous cooldown period/blacklisting on failed attempts. I don't use the default admin username either. Or usual username. As long as people aren't even attempting to log on with a username that exists here I feel pretty secure, *knock on wood now*...

    More worried about potential security exploits regarding frameworks and such. Have to rely on plugins to keep check.

    Could you test that by any chance? Injectable code sample that does no actual damage? Considering the captcha's probably a part of my firewall - a widely used one at that - it'd be pretty crazy if there really was an open exploit as such available, but good to be certain. Can't seem to get that captcha to appear myself, logged in or no. Maybe automatically whitelisted by familiar IP...

  45. Cyber
    Tuesday Feb/8/2022

    Would upping edit time be good? Could adjust that.

  46. Cyber
    Wednesday Feb/9/2022

    This'd be pretty cool to learn too btw:

  47. Cyber
    Tuesday Nov/1/2022

    How those additional monthly goals coming along?

    I have some updates...

    #6 Hang onto a branch or bar (with hands) for at least one minute.

    May not sound that amazing or well-intended but it really works wonders on the back if you can work your way up to this. Basic but difficult calisthenics. As all calisthenics are really.

    Just about managing a full minute myself at this point. If a minute's already doable for you: try three. Pro level.

    As for #43, I'll join you on #42 and #46 and #75! Additional (hopefully) freebies #5, #10, #13, #16, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #39, #40, #53, #55, #58, #60 (probably in conjunction with #46).

    Next year: #48 and #59. All the more relevant then.

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