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Resolutions 2021

I'll be brief this year, cause I've got covid don'tchaknow. I'm slow but on the road. Still going like a locomotive, though motives more on hold. More on that loco. Hallucinating of coconuts and clover. That golden summer glow...

I got stuck in all kinds of random conversations leading up to the New Year this year too. Endless PM convos related to random events I've somehow become affiliated with, like the unofficial monthly NSFW content awards over at NG. I feel obligated to engage myself though I don't feel I really have time to fully particulate or follow.

There's been a lot of stuff like that. Maybe something to sort out in my resolutions? We shall see.

This year too I haven't fully revised all posts I'd hoped to before the New Year came ticking either, though I plowed through a large portion today, and I haven't arranged ISRC codes either since this year's mixtape project is at the moment somewhat overdue - not done yet - but it's coming.

I have however not been measly. I have not been slacking in the least see. I have not taken it easy. And I still do have hope for the New Year.

I still want to hone and further my slowly broadening levels of excellence. I want to once more bring up and re-apply that age old mantra of mine - as seems to have become tradition here the last few years - and remind myself of this: Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

That's how I want to be. That's what I want to do. That's how I want to lead my days. That all still rings true with and makes sense to me - and is an ongoing endeavor of mindset development and honing.

More concisely though. Goals.


Last year I vowed to...

1. Sort my life out! Meet new people, get to a place I feel happy to be at and spend my time in a way that feels fruitious to me.

Did I? Not really, but I've been making progress on the meeting new people part. I speak to people in public places now. I initiate conversations. I'm rather happy with how my inner introvert's been in training this year, and hopeful that say a soulmate just might be wait...ering tables around the corner somewhere near here. Who knows. Confidence is rising somewhat. If we do cross paths maybe I'd say the right words in passing.

I didn't suffer as much a winter depression as I did last year either, and the darkest day has now gone, so that's positive.

On less positive a note I don't see my future with the company I'm currently employed with too brightly. Days usually feel stressful even though they're part-time, and cut down in number by cause of lacking company finances. But I've stayed more positive on worse odds than I managed to stay with better ones before, so though all's not great circumstantially or environmentally - and definitely not sorted - I feel I'm making notable progress mentally too. It's almost like... I'm growing up, by trials...

Then again if growing up implies coming to terms with days NOT being fruitious and fun then I'm probably on the wrong path still. How can you be content with contempt. Doesn't compute. Maybe I'm just being continually bombarded by common indoctrination intents; my views on what it means to progress are being skewed by means of sociatal norm.

So on a certain level I know I'm on the wrong path. Still. It's great to learn to deal with stress and ardor and psychological turmoil and all, but greater to get to a place where there's none to deal with. Where you are in control over your own anguish, and choose what sacrifices are worthy the cause.

Blissful and integral personal business/soulspace in life here I come.

2. Keep making music.

Hell yeah I did! I feel the yearly Inktober challenges are getting better by the year too - though I definitely still have a ways to go, especially in the production department, but there's more on route. More on that soon/as the New Year unfolds.

Not much more to write in regard to this one. I feel I managed alright. Been relatively consistent. You can hear if you listen. Not totally but appreciably.

Unlike last year both my PM and e-mail inboxes are definitely NOT empty, but I am currently juggling more dues than I think I did at that point, so maybe that's no detriment. Conversations are flowing and ongoing. I just need to close some for time to make the most won. I'll get to the others. The oldest message isn't more than 3-4 years at this point... *screech*

In regard to those private goals from 2016? Checked one more off the list yesterday. :) The big one. Just one more to go, and I think I'm getting there. So let's get back to that in another year. Six years a margin for makings that really matter... that wouldn't be all too bad. Conclusively though...


Three integral goals:

1. Get a stable secondary income, beyond my day job. I don't want to rely on any one thing too much, I'm not super happy with the current job, and I'm not sure it'll be around forever even if I was, so this seems like a good priority. The goal is to find some income stream on the side that might be able to sustain me entirely. Preferably one that requires little effort, or that I'm passionate about to the point it doesn't matter as much if it does.

2. Put out a finished body of audio unrelated to the Inktober verses, be that an album or mixtape. Something I'm proud of that encapsulates my current state of being and energy in sound and somehow furthers me.

3. Buy property or land. Anything goes here, however small! The goal is to get something I can call my own, that I can potentially fall back on if all the more superficial methods of investment some day lose their value.

Three less integral ones:

4. Participate in a demonstration for human rights and democracy. This seems all the more essential with the way the world's turning right now, and something I've been wanting to get into for some time. Activism. Not just saying and writing but actually doing something that can make a difference. May be a catalyst for more.

5. Make my current cellphone subscription free. Which I aim to do by - among other things - advertising this page on Google.

6. Update website infrastructure. This site is currently not entirely up-to-date as far as code standards and languages though, which is starting to pose a certain problem with certain frameworks it relies on, so I hope to do something about that this year.

I'm not all that proficient with code so this may be a real challenge, but hopefully it's possible. I don't want to sacrifice functionality in the process, just futureproof the site in its current and continual entirety.

Finally three ongoing habit-based goals (of which I've been going strong with two for a while now) but want to officially commit to here as well:

7. Cold showers every day, as long as I'm physically and mentally capable thereof. Covid couldn't stop me here and I don't plan to let anything get in my way again. I skipped a day last winter and that turned into months + depression, so I will to stay true to this routine no matter what.

8. Write something every day. Gotta keep verbal aptitude and inspiration alive too at all times! Whatever the form or cause of writing.

9. Get healthy. I'd like to be able to by the end of the year jog at least a Scandinavian mile (10 km), and do ten consecutive pull up's at any time.

In other words the #9 goal is to get in - and stay in - proper shape.

Maintain healthy physical habits and I too will feel healthy, and progress in all aspects of life. As Jocko would say: Stay on the path.

I have a one-month free gym card I plan to put to good use either this February or March, while winter's still in force and outdoor exercise not so easy. After that just have to keep going and never get stagnant/stuck in doors or mind too long.

That's all y'all. Here's to a Brand New Year full of fear and inhibition but also hope. Go challenge yourself. Don't just cope.

Let's go.


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  1. S3C
    Monday Jan/3/2022

    1.invest in NewGrounds NFT

    2. Will it have beats

    3. Just buy a small plot in Antarctica

    4. The World Has Always Turned Clockwise As Far As I Can Recall

    5. I didn't even know subscription based cellular services where a thing

    6. Looks fine to me...just dont replace pagination with infinite scroll nonsense, or i will disconnect all of sweden from the internet

    7. Literally inhumane

    8. Look forward to the words

    9. Wtf no such thing as an unhealthy Nordic. What's the fastest you ever ran a mile

  2. Cyber
    Monday Jan/3/2022

    1. Hmmmm sell some NG NFT bootleg stuff possibly.......?

    2. I do hope so. :) Maybe I should've clarified: I don't consider solely or mostly acapella work a truly full/finished body of audio. Hoping for a full-fledged album, but happy with a more intermeshed mixtape too.

    3. Unfortunately the Antarctic Treaty apparently makes it impossible for anyone to buy land there. :/ It is treated as a mutual international natural reserve, dedicated to peace and science, alas... I mean that is probably a good thing but... (If you actually know of any place it'd be legally possible to buy cheap land without being a registered citizen though I am super interested.)

    4. Clockwork Orange Reference?

    5. Ah that's the common type over here. You can charge up with a set amount of calls/cash/all that if you like, but it's common more so with endless everything at a certain monthly cost, but broadband, which comes as a monthly GB ration depending on price.

    6. Never infinite scroll. XD It does look fine, but I'm running a somewhat outdated version of PHP, and WP, and jQuery, and possibly some other things I need to upgrade... can't upgrade WP before I upgrade PHP though and can't upgrade PHP before I swap out or rewrite certain bits of code and make certain scripts compatible first.

    7. Living like an animal and/or machine hmm!

    8. Thank you thank you. :) Some may be in blog form; some elsewhere...

    9. I am ashamed. But a black sheep amongst my Bautista-like brethren. A vole to my Viking ancestry! As far as I know I've never been able to run a full mile actually (10km). At most I've been running around 3-4 km in maybe... 20 minutes? But this finna change this year...

    How about you?

  3. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/4/2022

    I wasnt gonna respond right away until i was ready to respond in full preferrably with a keyboard...Im mostly oblivious to metric conversions but i instantly knew something was wrong when you said it took you 20 mins to run 3-4 tenths of a 'full mile'. A mile is not 10 km its 1.6 km. Or perhaps in more universal terms, 4 laps around an olympic track

  4. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/4/2022

    Dammmn that irresponsibly unresponsive keyboard's turned into a real obstacle lately! Maybe there's an extra at work you could bring home...?

    Right, that's why I keep including the 10km in parenthesis to distinguish. :) An American mile would probably take me under ten minutes at least, not sure... can't recall the last time I've really timed it, or sprinted. Probably back in school. What's your time? If you time?

  5. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/4/2022

    Oh hey, maybe we're actually in an international minority here mile-wise, I thought you guys were probably the only ones who had a mile unrelated to the metric system but:

    I should probably stop referring to miles entirely within international context for optimal clarity hmm. Kilometers henceforth. Feel a little obstinate about adhering to alternative units of measure for some reason.

  6. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/4/2022

    Potential déjà vu to earlier conversations on this same subject matter hmmmm, mayhaps you already explained this distinction earlier...

    My bad if so. Forgetful @ Bro.

  7. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/4/2022

    Ok fully functional keyboard acquired for Cyberdevillian blog comment posting purposes.

    3. who's gonna stop you

    4. never seen it

    5. I remember now

    6. PHP has been (or should be) obsolete since 2009

    9. are you gonna tell me there a Scandinavian foot, inch, yard...there's also nautical miles and the rounded data miles used in old school naval warfare computers. Best: 6:45 on January 17th 2004. Most current recorded: 8:30 on July 20th 2019. Current Estimate: 11:00 (if I survive)

    Bro, Stockholm, or Bro, Gotland? By chance you wouldn't happen to be in the minor planet 10128 Bro would you Perhaps an abbreviation for Orebro, Orebro? Is there an Oresis, or Oregenderneutralrelative?

  8. Cyber
    Wednesday Jan/5/2022

    Woo you got it! How'd you get it?

    3. The united federation of whatever superpowers signed that Antarctic Treaty? :/ Alternatively polar bears, the cold, the lacking surficial geographical landmass to which actual land would be attributed, or the complications and expenses involved in arranging transport to that particularly remote and desolate part of this planetary interface...

    4. Ah that's a Cyberdevil recommendation then! More so because it's an iconic bit of movie history though, less so because I actually remember it to be immensely memorable and/or good.

    5. Mmm we spoke about this before too huh... I seem to recall y'all had a bit pricier cellphone services over there overall...

    6. If I need to swap language entirely this project finna be MASSIVE. :( What would you have used instead though? Is there a newer language you believe may stand the test of time better; become a standard down the line?

    9. My foot's Scandinavian. :P Backyard too. Inch though hmmmm can't concieve a relevant alternative definition there! That's all yours I think. Interesting to know about nautical and data miles, didn't know they measured differently...

    When I get rid of this covid shizzle I'm a run a mile and let you know how I fare. And see how that improves over the year. 6:45 sounds fast... you really in that bad shape right now though? What happened?

    Bro, Stockholm Bro, but woooaaah there's a planet for us too!

    Coincidentally stumbled upon this recently:

    We live pretty close to the Bro church, 2:25


    Oresis Communications is a brand apparently, but no Oregenderneutralrelative. Closest sounding term possibly Oregender Neutral Relative? Oh wait that's the same thing. Eh...

    Örebro has a pretty cool café:

  9. S3C
    Monday Oct/3/2022

    Acquired from tech-sage friend. Batteries lasted about 1.5 years...not too bad

    3. on the real though, it's sounds like only couples buy properties these days. Doubt I'll ever buy property. Just inherit. But then I could flip the property for a profit and move into a smaller place.

    4. There are no good movies before wasn't possible with current technology...

    5. I think I'm grandfathered into my dad's ooooold family cellular I don't have to pay really...if I did I'd just use my workphone which is paid for...and if they cancel that then whatever...that's what email is for...but it kinda sucks because Whatsapp and most apps require phone numbers these days...:/

    6. it'll be worth it, like switching from flash to html5...

    9. did you ever run that mile...I think 6:45 is faster than adult average...good enough to be the 'last guy' on a freshman track&field team...but definitely quite slower than an avid adult runner. What happened? Age, different interests, fear, losing control of my life, etc.

  10. Cyber
    Monday Oct/3/2022

    Ah a wireless keyboard no less? I used to have one. Now self-sufficient. No batteries. :P

    3. Hmm if you don't mind a small property:

    I can't imagine not living in a house really. Ideally without neighbors. That freedom... though being in the business of professionally flipping properties would be pretty neat. Or renting. Potential even more long-term profit if instead of flipping you arrange for a steady income on such inheritance. Though hope said inheritance is far off still!

    4. I'll get back to ya on this. Clockwork Orange may not fit the bill of good anymore, don't recall it well enough, but I know I've seen a few that really actually were solid... movies that didn't rely so much on fancy filmography as on something real, maybe? Like martial art flicks that showcased actual; unfathomable talents in a direct and appealingly dangerous way? Actually any Jackie Chan movies from that era would do. As for American movies...

    5. Woo even better than mine then! Back when my dad worked at Ericsson I assumed we had over average reasonable plans and pricing compared to everyone else, but alas no longer! I've climbed down to 30 SEK/month with mah current plan though. Just three more referrals to go...

    Even Gmail seems to require a phone number these days. :/ Surveillance states mate.

    6. But I still use Flash too. And will till I d... change my mind!!! Ruffle FTW!

    9. Ah dang I forgot about this. Will do soon.

  11. Cyber
    Tuesday Nov/1/2022

    As for #9 this may take a while, my shape's waning... hope to get back on track again; start running more and get that free gym card going before December...

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