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Resolutions 2022

Arr the sense of satisfaction you may briefly experience were you to fully commit yourself to cleaning up leftover dues in the year that's been, and allow for a fresh start so supremely clean and sparkly once the new ones comes a running?

I didn't manage that. Not at all. I still have PMs, I still have email correspondence, I still have unrevised blogs both posted and unposted that I've been meaning to plow through and better polish, and other dues, audio cues, ideas and dreams and causeries on the news... so many undone dues!

But I still have a cold don'tchaknow, so at least I have some excuse as to why I'm not done with everything.

I still get stuck in those random conversations leading up to the New Year too. I get stuck in everything. I'm stuck. I gotta get moving. So without further ado let's move to the resolutions...

But first, once again I'd like to remind myself of my mantra, repeated a few years prior now; one I want to embody to the point it requires no further reminder: Don't wait, but don't haste. Don't hesitate. Don't stall, don't fall, don't all. Don't say "yes" if you stress. Don't do if you are not supposed to. But mostly, a 'can't do' won't do: think instead of what you could do. Be good too.

That's how I wish to live. How I want to be. That's the A, but onto the BC!


This year I vowed to...

1. Get a stable secondary income, beyond my day job.

I didn't want to rely on any one thing too much, and I wasn't super happy with my day job, nor super confident that it'd last much longer.

For some time now I think I've subconsciously been wanting to move on, but I've been unwilling to. This in part because I feel like I'd be betraying my boss in the midst of financially uncertain times, when more prosperous times for the company may be on the horizon, and I might contribute to our getting there. In part also because it's comfortable. Because it's easier to stay than to move, and in truth maybe my loyalty is more a result of the second than the first part.

I'm not sure if I convince myself that it's a pretty good job too, or if I really believe it... I think it is. I'd be hard-pressed to find an alternative with the same benefits in regard to flexible hours, and part-time days that at least theoretically let me pursue my passions on the side. But I'm not using these benefits to my best benefit...

But did I get a stable secondary income this year? No. I've sold a few weight vests at a good profit margin, and a larger number of movie tickets at lesser profit margin, and I think I picked up one freelance gig. But that's about it, and I can't see how that'd qualify. There has been certain secondary income but it's all but stable...

I do plan to keep going with this though. I plan to experiment with different revenue streams until I find something that's right for me. Something that can become somewhat systematic; that I can fall back on and expand if need be. I'm pretty confident I could get something proper going here if I just take the time it requires to start something.

2. Put out a finished body of audio unrelated to the Inktober verses, be that an album or mixtape.

Nope. I've put out another Inktober mixtape, properly mixed and mastered and all - and I'm proud of it, but that's it. And then I did Inktober again.

I wanted more. Somehow every autumn I find my motivation just goes right out the window, I grow tired and glum, and come spring there's too much other stuff going on! Then comes summer and off to the farm we go, and sow and plow. Excuses, I know, but this is something I really do struggle with. Motivation. Should probably find a resolution to remedy this...

3. Buy property or land.

I did say 'Anything goes here, however small' on this one, and so yes, I have this year actually attained a piece of land I can truly call my own, though it measures but a meager meter. Mission accomplished. :) I am actively looking for more though! I have little financial surplus available for such investment - and I want to make it count, so count on this to possibly take a while, but with property prices currently on the decline it's not impossible something suitable will come around next year...

4. Participate in a demonstration for human rights and democracy.

I could've done this one so easily back in January. There was a big thing going on then, I planned on going but... something came in the way.

After that the motivation to accomplish this particular goal fizzled out a bit. I've signed petitions, I've plugged important things on the blog... I think? But no demonstration yet no. Currently I have no plans to attend one, but if a similar opportunity presents itself again I shall make an effort.

5. Make my current cellphone subscription free.

Nooope, not all the way there yet. I was down at 30 SEK/month for a while, I'm currently up at 40 SEK/month; I think I was higher at the end of last year. So I'm getting there but not there yet! If you're in Sweden and you need a solid cellphone subscription plz see this.

6. Update website infrastructure.

Nope, not this one either, it's one of those things I'd hoped to get to this month but as usual shit got in the way.

I must do this eventually. It's non-negotiable. Currently one of the plugins I have installed doesn't work with the framework I'm using, and the number of unsupported plugins will surely grow this coming year. I aim to get to this soon, yet without incentive I assume it won't become a priority until it's absolutely essential to secure further sustainability of the site...

7. Cold showers every day.

I skipped a day again, whilst up North, this autumn. The water was getting hella cold (5-6°C?) and I caught a cold - potentially covid - and didn't feel like it'd be good for my health to keep it going.

There's no shower there. The lake is it. The morning air's cold too. I think it was raining that first day. Cold rain. It was not very inviting.

And as last time I skipped a day this too turned to more than a day, and it definitely impacted my mood and motivation for some time to come. Probably impacted my long-term immune system negatively too, since I've had a cold a month for three months straight now, starting with the one I had here! I started taking showers half-assedly when I got better - sometimes I'd skip them if I wanted to sleep in, but after the second cold I'm back to it being a daily necessity - no excuses - and I do feel better.

I didn't stop taking showers when I caught my third and final cold of the year either, and if I hadn't been eating candy and partaking in tiresome Christmas celebrations I believe I'd have battled off the virus in record time with this routine. Just don't take too cold showers when you're sick, and I'm sure it does speed up recovery too.

TLDR: I missed a month or so, and it sucked. The other eleven months went well. I'm back at it.

8. Write something every day.

Have I...? I'm not sure. I probably have. I have a lot of creative writing streams in parallel. My blog, the hundred word site, my diary, NG, various other notebooks and pads and post-it's...

I can't vouch for this one 100% but I'm pretty certain I've managed to write at least 99% of all days this year.

9. Get healthy.

I wanted to be able to by the end of the year jog at least a Scandinavian mile (10 km), and do ten consecutive pull up's at any time.

I'm currently sick, so I can't test the one mile run, but pull up's...? I can't even do one properly. -_- FML man. Remember that site? It was a pretty good site, maybe it's still out there.

But my goal to get in - and stay in - proper shape, this year, has definitely not been accomplished. It was good this spring, and summer.

Not so much at the time of writing.

I'm a part of a little incremental improvements club to further motivate me with things like this, and one of my goals for this month was to initiate a one-month-free gym membership too. Of course I didn't get to that either. My other two goals in my latest resolution post there were to get through the goals here, and to get to the track one day and see how far I could run.

I didn't get to that either. Caught a cold instead.

So conclusively, how did I do? Two out of nine accomplished, with another two almost accomplished, and a couple in progress...?

That's not so bad. To make progress you must stay positive so that's not so bad, come on now.

I can do better though.


Some of these are just repeats on the previous, but they need to be done, so here we go...

I've also learned that it's easier to accomplish something if your goal is precise. If you know exactly what you're trying to do. So here we go...

These are btw in order of urgency, not so much importance. Though with that in mind: no pressure. Slow but steady. I'll get through these all.

The main three:

1. Use my one-month-free gym membership, and start working out regularly henceforth.

There's no reason to wait with this one!

In fact the faster I start with this, the better it'll be for all my other goals this year. It'll potentially boost both my focus and my motivation for all other dues to come, be they planned or no. It'll allow me to easier accept opportunities that come my way, and to focus on whatever dues I have at hand at any particular point in time. It'll boost my confidence and morale. It'll make me more energetic, and hopefully also more optimistic. There's no downside: I need to move! More exercise.

This is a first step in that direction,then we'll see how it goes.

2. Start up a new site, transform or purchase an existing one with the intention of making a profit.

This is pretty much exactly like my goal of generating a secondary income last year... but with precision. A little consideration as to what my initial plan in gaining a secondary income really should be.

There are some good marketplaces for both domains and existing businesses out there, like for example Flippa and WebHostingTalk. If I don't have the energy or time to create something new and potentially lucrative from scratch, then I'll try to take over someone else's business idea, and make it better, or make an investment that I'll profit on in time.

It may not be enough to provide a sustainable secondary income, but it'd be a start, and it'd be something I could experiment with to get a hang of how certain money-making schemes work online, be it traditional e-commerce or something else.

A proper hosting or hardware-related service would be an idea too.

3. Buy some property, for real.

A symbolic piece of land is nice but it's not really a worthy investment after all, and with property prices currently waning 2023 seems like the opportune moment to finally make this goal a reality.

I need something for real. I need to diversify my investments, in case inflation hits us seriously and the little I've saved becomes worthless.

I've been keeping an eye out for the ideal property starter for years now, so hopefully this time the right item comes into my scope...

Three site-related ones:

4. Post at least one movie review every day for the entire year.

This may not seem like a very high-priority task, but that queue of movie review drafts has seriously been building up, and it'd feel good to start getting them out to the world again.

This is also a goal that'll require an early start for it be achievable
all the way.

Ideally I'll schedule posts in advance for when I'm away or not available, but regardless of how I manage this the plan is to just slowly but steadily chip away at these drafts, one or more at a time, and by the end of the year have a fresh slate of dues in wait for the new one.

I currently have roughly two hundred drafts in line. Not enough for the full 365 days, but I like watching movies, so hopefully this won't interfere with my other goals. I'll probably watch more regardless.

If I run out of unposted drafts and I'm busy with better things than watching movies though this is one resolution I'll abandon fast.

5. Update PHP version on site without loss of functionality.

New more precise take on the 'fix compatability' one from last year.

I won't tell you the exact version number of PHP that I use here, that seems like a security risk. I'm not that far behind the latest stable version, but further behind than I'd like to.

There are plugins that can test code compatibility before an upgrade, so I'll be using one or more of these to proof my code, and hopefully be able to upgrade without losing anything that I wish to keep.

I've been troubleshooting certain compatibility issues before and it's not all easy but... I need to finish this. Hopefully it's doable.

6. Build a new theme.

This site is currently running a theme from 2016.

It's been updated and improved plenty since, but it'd be nice to try some new code snippets and give this site a major overhaul for once.

I don't mean major like change-it-entirely, but like make it responsive, vary visual elements and maybe modify the color scheme a bit. Have fun with the current design and see how I can improve it; transform it in a distinctive way.

This is probably the least important goal here, but it'd be fun, and useful to hone my skillsets.

Three music-related ones:

7. Finish the Reduce theme song.

Reduce is a long-running stickfigure action series on NG, which I've voiced a few characters in for some time, and was recently given the honors of composing a title track for.

It's been on the backburner too long. I need to get to it.

8. Put out a mixtape or album either with @killreal or @killerRAT.

I'll be precise here too.

With these two particular talented musical dudes I've had plans to make some bigger musical collaborative efforts for at least a couple years now, but due to my inability to focus on what's truly essential nothing's come to fruition yet. So to at least get started on whichever one of these feels relevant: I'll make it one of the main goals this year.

'A standalone complete body of work unrelated to my Inktober verses': that'd be one of these.

9. Get another properly mixed/mastered mixtape done for last year's Inktober material..

As is tradition. :) It's still important. Best make it a goal.

Bonus points if I get this year's Inktober material mixed and mastered too.

Three routine ones:

10. Cold showers every day!

Seriously! No cheat days. No relapses. No excuses.

11. Write something every day!

Gotta keep the pen going! Mind flowing! Eyes open!

12. Get healthy!

Better food. Better mood. Better exercise.

Ten consecutive pull up's at any time, and easily running 10km without pause, that's how I'd like to prove that I've accomplished this one.

I'll keep working on that cellphone subscription too, but it doesn't really seem like a goal-worthy inclusion...

And in regard to those private goals from 2016? One of them's included above. This year. Let's go for competition now. Let's go for bliss here.

With a rich cheer: Shit yeah.


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  1. biterr
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    You always can buy!
    Also Happy New Year!
    Fireworks just ended here!

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Hmmmm what's the current profitability margin there? :P (Hope you do plan on keeping the site around though, seems like a fun personal space.)

    Happy New Year biterr!

    Same here, posted this just as they were starting up, and the Happy 2023 post just as they were slowing and waning away... it really is a New Year now! Always a little unreal...

  3. biterr
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    ofc I'm not gonna keep the site!
    I'm super broke!
    When I first buyed site, it was on many discounts and I got domain as gift. I losed 200KN on it(my entire life saving). ofc I cloud write portal for it and put some ads but I'm super lazy. My laziness killed canoftrash. R.I.P 2021-2023

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    What whaaat?

    I'll host it for you man. Just lemme know before your current plan expires and I'd be happy to take over. Or if you already have free hosting and just need someone to finance the domain, I could do that. #letthecanoftrashliveforever!

    My hosting's shared, so no crazy scripts, but at least as it currently is it'd be fine. Plus whatever submissions you'd add in overtime. I wouldn't be able to host a real portal though, that'd get costly.

  5. biterr
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Wait really? I'm currently learning rust and fresh(fresh new web framework) to completely rewrite canoftrash. Maybe for portal I cloud buy another server without domain at linode for cheap price. And with that we would split hosting 50%/50%

  6. S3C
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Better to still have PMs then PMS.

    Here\'s the origin:

    That was pretty damn interesting. And yet nobody has spoken. Am I really the first?

    Seems like the \'15 Adages of S3C\' inherited from this.

    \"Don\'t wait, but don\'t haste. Don\'t hesitate. Don\'t stall, don\'t fall, don\'t all. Don\'t say \"yes\" if you stress.\" -> 10. Work like hell to get where ever it is that you want to go...Relaxed, but never complacent. With a sense of urgency, but never stressed.

    From A to BC but what about AC in AD? All cool with air conditioning on an alternating current playing AC/DC after the death of Christ.

    1. Try stocks. As for wanting to move on...remember that rolling stones gather no moss. I\'m thinking about changing jobs in 2025. The only reason prompting this is the location. It\'s gonna be hard to find a job that lets me start work around 0900-1000, stack work into 10-12hr \'shifts\' for 4 days a week so I can have long weekends, and generally be my own boss. Having too much freedom is both a blessing a curse. The former cultivating bad habits. Also, my skills have become very specialized and specific. I\'ve popped open a few coding interview books...yikes, I have a bunch of reviewing to do. Not sure I would be able to get a similar job when I competing against a bunch of 20 something college grad geniuses.

    2. Try this

    1. Diamond Rimz
    2. Lotus Apparation
    3. Kungsangen & Back
    4. Mirage of Life
    5. Shattered Silhouette
    6. My Mind is a Sandbox (and the World a Toy)
    7. Egyptian Aura
    8. Some Kind of Criminal
    9. Atmosphere 2247 (full)
    10. Minimal MC (2023)

    3. Does it still count if your land gets conquered and taken over.

    4. What about a protest for human responsibility and republicancy?

    5. I would just use my work phone.

    6. Looks outer-structured fine to me.

    7. F*ck that. There are two non-negotiables with me: waking up late and warm showers

    8. Isn\'t 100 word patches definitive proof that you have? since January 2020, at that...

    9. well I may be able to run the mile faster than you and do more pullups but I can almost guarantee you are more healthy than me...FWIW

    The added bonus to precise goals is that collectively they can realize more broad but meaningful goals that are initially hard to while you may not meet have complete success on the specifics, you attain value on the underlying seeing the forest through the trees kinda sense

    1. start now or cry later

    2. look at new social media sites or similar and register common or short names. Then when it gets popular, sell them.

    3. I would likely do that if I had a co-investor. For the maintenance part. And had 10x the handyman/house working skills I do now. I\'m acquainted with a guy in his late 40s who has made millions and was able to retire early. He started flipping run-down property in 2008. Apparently there is a community of multi-millionaires venture-like capitalists who fund these efforts. You locate the house, ask them for a loan, renovate the house, and when it sells you get a sizeable commission for the sale.

    4. I will read all of them. Unless it looks like a good movie and I haven\'t seen it yet.

    5. you should upgrade the php version to python kek

    6. will it have infinite scroll

    7. will you make the/a instrumental?

    8. or @guyfromKillerRAT?

    9. what about mastered but not mixed

    10. asides from aforementioned grievances regarding cold showers I don\'t even shower 365 days a year -_-

    11. Gotta keep the keys pressed! Brain De-stressed. Vocals de-essed, words un-repressed, and ideas non-oppressed. Conscience Expressed.

    12. ok

    Which goal from 2016? Or is it one of those things if you tell me I\'m taking away by guys in suits driving black cars with tinted windows?

  7. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    @Biterr hmm I'd be happy to host you for free but that'd be at no extra expense to me currently, I have room to spare. :) Just shoot me a PM if you want me to set this up, it'd be FTP access, no control panel. I'm hosting a couple other NG users too, with just smaller personal sites.

    Rust seems interesting though! If you do get a real thing going... well, let's speak then, my finances are kinda strained too but if it's not much maybe I can jump in. No promises there.

    Or wait do you mean I'd host the main site and you'd buy the portal server, 50/50 that way? That'd work too.

  8. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    @S3C lmao that reminds me of Ari Shafir's newest special. XD It's good... crude but really pretty entertaining. JEW. Free on YouTube! And true that.

    Ah for the mantra... interesting!

    And you've still not spoken there! XD

    Yeaah I remember that too! Did that come before? Post on NG?

    That'd be hella cool. XD It's also AD in DC and I play DS still weekly! The BC was infact subtle BC/AD witticism. Read that as you will...

    1. Even with inflation/the global financial situation as wavy as it currently is? I've been investing a bit in property development the last couple years, you get around ~9-12%/year on returns there, which seems a bit more safe. Stocks though... seems there's potential to make big profits right now but also potential to lose everything, I don't have that much to lose. How's the stock game going for you atm?

    Rolling stones gather no moss hmm! That's a good one. Might borrow for the blog.

    Regarding the work swap, why 2025 specifically? Mmm, similar benefits here, I start 10 or 10:30, though just normal eight hour shifts, and just two days a week currently. Which is nice but does make that secondary income seem all the more essential...

    Too true. Habits bad here too.

    Regarding specialized skillsets too! I'm very well interweaved in the dues of the company I currently work with now but... actual competitive skillsets compared to others on hire elsewhere? I wonder how I'd compare. Work ethic and loyalty seem like my biggest sells at the moment, and those too are waning.

    2. Ah we definitely have enough for one of these too. :) I've been thinking about doing something collective with our work too - not with this exact order but it seems like a good one, however mixing and instrumental modifications are included with those other two collaborations I've on the road for this year. Do you think you'd have time to get involved if we start something this year? Though rain check on starting date if so, seems I need to prioritize other items first.

    3. Hmmm if you still legitimately own said land I guess it would? Technically? (Let's hope that never happens though!)

    4. Republicancy? XD I'm not sure about that, not convinced republics are better than any alternative and also commonly flawed states of leadership - seems we have a problem with bad leaders these days though more so than bad forms of government - but responsibility hell yeah!

    5. Lucky you you!

    6. Well TY. :) All good on the outside but the foundation be crumbling, just like our current world order...

    7. Maybe if you woke up earlier you'd be more inclined to cold showers too hmmmm...

    8. Though I miss every July there. I try to stay offline most of summer... as you know, though on the other hand I'm pretty consistent with my diary then. Pretty certain I've managed every single day but just not entirely sure. It's not verifiable. Could've missed a day and caught up the next both with my diary or with 100w on a day I didn't complete the other either - I get a bit inconsistent with both of those, in phases, if I'm consistent with either or and/or something else.

    9. Could it really be so! :O If you can run that well surely it can't be that bad can it... suppose we all have our strengths and weaknesses though; relative health in individual areas of better well-being.

    You're correct there fo shizzle, been realizing how important it really is to define things properly if you want to achieve them. Feels similar with the laws of attraction, or affirmation if you will. Like if you believe money is the root of all evil (as I somewhat do), then trying to visualize money for yourself probably won't work so well. If you start digging into WHY you want to get said money though. To buy what, for what purpose, to get you where... maybe you actually start figuring out where you're going in life; why; what you really need to get there, in addition to or instead of possibly just thinking the right things into existence. Recognizing the opportunities you need to take more so than having them come to you and not realizing they are opportunities in the first place. Fo rizzle. Totes agree.

    1. I did a pull-up today!!!

    2. Ooh that's a solid idea. If there are any suitable short names actually still available - they're rare as is. I'll add this to my calendar, TY!

    3. Mmm maintenance is a big thing there for sure. With property I was thinking mainly land, without house on, where the investment value lies in natural resource value mainly; possibly future location exploitation. But actual property property isn't out of the question either, just indeed a certain issue with lack of experience in renovation-related skillsets. I could probably figure things out but it'd take time. Feels like with additional family members maybe I'd have incentive, but solo not so much. That community of multi-millionaire venture-like capitalists sounds very interesting, wonder if there are local equivalents here...

    4. Is that a resolution? ;) Though hopefully a high percentage of said reviews actually are of good movies that you might not yet have seen and thus might not yet read then. Of course 'good' is a slightly subjective measure...

    5. Hah. XD Alas a bit out of my league!

    6. 99.999% never-will-there-be-infinite-scroll-on-CDB guarantee!!!

    7. The instrumental's done, by @ChordC. :) Just penning down verses, and need to find a good singer for some the hooks/bridges. Do you know any mayhaps?

    8. Right yes that guy too. XD I did ponder adding a @S3C among that roster but assumed you were a little busy these days. Something for the future though if no, have nae given up on those remaining projects!

    9. Hmmmm if the mastering really was masterful maybe that'd be OK too!

    10. How often do you shower?

    Most people I know probably don't really shower every single day hmm, some might say I am a hygiene extremist behemoth! Though then again cold water doesn't clean shit.

    11. Hell yes! I regress! Calm down! Breath less! Deep state! Wee steps! Do more! Flee press! Feel blessed! Seek depth! Find peace! Greek meth! I joke! I jest! Let go! And rest!

    12. Suppose I wasn't very precise with this one hmm... with the intended proof of accomplishment/stamp of approval maybe, but not really the steps there... bit of a duplicate on #1 too...

    But anyway, I'll get to 'em. Feel hopeful. Gotta keep moving.

    XD All shall be revealed in good time.

  9. S3C
    Friday Jan/6/2023

    1. Indeed most stocks are not stable hence not fulfilling goal of stable secondary income. Stocks in property recommended. Boring as hell trying to find a way to get interested and perhaps find an overlooked albeit mundane pattern. Just ask Pubilius Syrus first. 2025 is the projected year of a major milestone completion and I\'ll be at a crossroads then. Could you work more hours there if you wanted.

    2. Time is limited but relatively plentiful compared to the sporadic windows for surfing the peak of the sine.

    3. Real estate is transient. all land has been conquered thousands of times by thousands of regimes and thousands of cultures.

    4. agreed

    5. luck has a little to do with it...but not much

    6. that\'s because the world order is lagging behind the industry in technology...they are still using php instead of python...


    8. well in that case you missed November 11...hehe FISSION MAILED

    9. jogging is just one mere facet of being healthy. Being good at is often indicative of body type, perhaps like lifting weights. Just because you can\'t bench a high # doesn\'t mean your unhealthy and just because your strong doesn\'t mean your organs are working properly inside.

    1. did you cry while doing. thus not crying later

    2. np

    3. they have them in all continents. except Antarctica

    4. Hmm...I\'d guess 95% of Cyberdevillian reviews with a score of 4 or higher I would classify as being good personally...



    7. wait are guyfromKillerRAT and killerRAT different people...are S3C and Suspended-3rd-Chord and ChordC different people...I\'m not even sure what\'s real anymore

    8. hmm I\'m honored...refer to I-2

    9. but if it was mixed really well it still needs to be mastered...

    10. Probably 340-350 days a year

    11. word.

    12. [non-obligatory response]

  10. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/7/2023

    1. Mmm, I wonder if stocks in property would yield more long-term than actual investment in property, or investment in property development. Property overall seems like the big thing - a we'll-always-need-this-even-in-times-of-crisis thing - but wonder which particular form of property-related investment is the most lucrative, or rather which yields the greatest return at the least amount of effort/some balance thereof... if only Pubilius Syrus was still alive, alas!

    Aha! Thought it might be just a seemingly good number, a point at which it'd seem like time to make a change. Sounds ideal then.

    As for me I did work a bit more this week specifically, we're swapping payment methods and I'm the mediator between boss/freelancer that implements it for us, but for the most part no, company finances are a bit strained. I'd like to leave at a time when it feels like it's on the right path again, but then again maybe then it'd be too profitable a gig to give up... realistically I don't think things will pick up soon, it's an increasingly competitive business and we're too small to really take a lead or niche ourselves further, but it's stable work. It works. I wonder if I'll come across something better by chance or make an effort to really switch. It's easy to stay.

    Either way best get cracking on potential side hustles in the mean time, and get some open options for whenever I might need 'em...

    2. For surfing the peak of the sine? Work reference? Audio reference? Internet reference? I can nae place it!

    Sounds promising though then. :) I'm a just... clear some stuff up. Get back to this in April maybe, would that be a suitable month for plan initiations?

    3. Well yes, but also over the span of thousands and thousands of years... unless you plan ahead in spans of generations (like if say you started that restaurant by a Shinto temple in Japan that's been owned by the same family since 700 AD - pretty friggin' impressive if I so may say meself) it seems most of these shifts in ownership are ones that don't affect the average Joe. More so everyone, at the collapse of entire civilizations, which of course could happen on short and unexpected notice too...

    All plans be moot regardless though in the worst case scenario. Best plan for the better ones I think.

    4. *thumbs up*

    5. Right, my bad, FORTUNATE you you. ;) Be that by luck, talent, grueling labor or any combination thereof. Don't mean to imply it's not merited, however it came to be!

    6. Imagine if we could fix the world just like that. XD New codebase for the world hmm, idealistically it really is the foundation...

    7. XD

    8. Hmmmm just had to see if I maybe had done something on the blog that particular day aaand whaddayaknow! :D

    At least all good 11/11!111

    9. That is true! Health's not only physical either, though with regards physical health in particular I just find it hard to believe it'd be THAT bad if you can jog that long, maybe my preconditions for a jog really are radically different though, I'm definitely a more solid build. Potential Arnold Schwarzenegger in the making if I really gave it my all, but jogs are tough... gotta work on those weak points anyhow. That which I'm worst at: shall better.

    1. Ehh? No tears were shed with said single pull-up! Now with multiple pull-up's...

    2. *gratitude*

    3. Same community spans the entire globe?

    4. That's a solid percentage. :) Now curious how big a portion of reviews I leave a rating on four or higher on, I definitely watch some bad movies amidst the good but it's gotta be a lot of them, there's probably a way to calculate things like this via WP, all ratings are saved as individual custom fields in the database... (mental note to try this sometime)

    5. *agree on grief*

    6. Never conform, tis my motto!

    7. Oh hey you and ChordC do have certain similarities. O_O

    8. :)

    9. Sometimes maybe you just want to mix it up tho, y'know?

    10. Ah but that's solid! Technically, considering there's no shower at the summer place, I suppose I only shower somewhere around 300 days per year really... 300 showers/60 sauna sessions/5 radical deviations of cleanliness routines! And maybe about 10 baths in tubs/50 in lakes

    11. Yes!

    12. Yet I must! It feels like my obligation as both host and obsessive compulsive commenteer here.

  11. S3C
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    per the movie list, here are the rating counts:

    1: 27
    2: 126
    3. 644
    4. 846
    5. 132
    6. 1

    so 55% of the reviews have a rating >3

  12. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    Dammmn man! How did you count these? Not manually I hope?

    Seems I watch more good movies than bad ones then, though close count between the total mediocre 2's and 3's and the more appreciable 4's and 5's...


  13. S3C
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    r = requests.get('')
    regEx = re.compile('(\d) (.*) .*')
    R = regEx.findall(r.text)
    RDict = {}

    for r in R:
    _ = gu.dictAdd(RDict,r[0])

    def dictAdd(d,k):
    if d.get(k):
    d[k] += 1
    return False
    d[k] = 1
    return True

  14. S3C
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    woah...the comment filter stripped out the HTML that was defined in regEx! replace $$ with

    regEx = re.compile('$li$$span class=".*"$(\d)$/span$ <a href=.* title=".*"$(.*)$/a$ $span style="color:#CCC;"$.*$/span$$/li$')

    this what my comment got changed to (replace dref with href)
    $a dref=".*" title=".*" rel="nofollow ugc"$(.*)$/a$

  15. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    Ah so wait, in the first comment here I'd switch

    regEx = re.compile('(\d) (.*) .*')


    regEx = re.compile('$li$$span class=".*"$(\d)$/span$ <a href=.* title=".*"$(.*)$/a$ $span style="color:#CCC;"$.*$/span$$/li$')

    and replace the $$ with... nothing right? Just remove those symbols? Then ready to run via Python?

    Complicated with these HTML stripping scripts, though guess it's all a good security measure... had to replace the < with an & lt; too just to copy in your comment above there, so I assume you did that as well the first time you wrote that...

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