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Resolutions Aftermath 2012

I didn't even remember that I had resolutions posted for this year, I thought I decided to make them private and personal. Surprise! :O I even wrote a quick aftermath post about it halfway through the year that I completely forgot about, and here's the original post. So how did it go? I'll let you know... below.

  • I will not watch anything (movies, series, anime, videoclips, etc) until all unfinished business is finished. NOPE
  • This was already a no-no on the first resolution aftermath... won't go into details but that was just an impossible promise...

  • I will take at least one 30 minute walk every single day of the new year. ALMOST
  • Apparently (according to the previous post) I missed one day. Since then I'm not sure how many days I've missed. When I was down with the stomach flu I know I stayed indoors at least one day, maybe two. Before summer I had some other, hmm, health issues that might have kept me in, but since June I doubt I've been indoors more than 3 days total. Not perfect, but pretty good!

  • I will improve my vision continuously. NOPE
  • Started good, but I derailed during the winter. Hours by the screen, without break, have been way too many. I know this'll be one of the resolutions for next year, it really is important.

  • I will improve physically by exercising frequently, etc. NOPE
  • Exercise, yes. Frequently, no.

  • I will eat healthier. YEPP
  • Excluding Christmas, yes!

  • I will brush my teeth at least twice every day. NOPE
  • I've improved, but not enough! At the start of the year I brushed my teeth at least three times a stuff, fear of the dentist, you know... but since then the routines have unstabelized a bit. Much better than last year though.

  • I will write a blog every day. NOPE
  • Ha! Ha ha ha! He heh heh hoo haa ha ho he he... yeah, this site has not really been the top priority 2K12.

  • I will write a diary entry every day. NOPE
  • Nope. There have been plenty of times where I've skipped one or a few days and had to catch up after, but on the other hand, it's the first year I've managed to fill an entire diary without just leaving pages blank or filled with mumbojumbo. Today will be the final page fill. :)

  • I will write at least one creative text every day. YEPP
  • Just one? :D

  • I will not waste time. ALMOST
  • Start of the year was great. Summer was okay. Winter has been a bit... harder to focus, but I'm not as procrastinative as last year. Least courses are going well(er). Still not as efficient as I'd like to be, though.

  • I will contact at least one artist and offer my lyrical services a specific day every week. NOPE
  • Nah, that didn't really work how I planned. Other things have taken priority. Like, studies, uhm , movies, hmm, games... *cough* CyberD *cough*. I added this to the list since I wrote so many lyrics last year, but this year hasn't been the same. Sure, I've written a lot, but mostly just bits and pieces, not the same amount of full songs as 2011. Maybe next year will be fuller on inspiration!

  • Every day I will do at least 10 situps, 10 pushups, 10 squats. Minimum. NOPE
  • These every day promises are just... DIFFICULT! ARGH!

  • I will stretch at least twice every day. NOPE
  • See previous commentary.

  • I will become self-sufficient. NOPE
  • If I was living out of a box then maybe I am, but I'm not, so I'm not. Next year I will. Not live out of the box, I mean become self-sufficient, I will.

  • If I feel unmotivated or tired, I will take a walk, etcetc. NOPE
  • I did like the concept...

  • I will practice vocals everyday. NOPE

Some days have been quite quite days.

Damn! Is that discouraging or what? Not all NEPPS, but not very many YEPPS either, and the ALMOSTS aren't what I want to see either. I probably need to set up some more realistic goals though, no 'do-this-everyday-all-year-24-7' anymore. Resolutions for 2013 coming up...


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