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Resolutions Aftermath 2013

So, how did I fare? I posted an early version of this back in January, the first day after the new year... but that doesn't count for much. :) Since somewhere mid-year I honestly forgot all about what I'd planned, and now it's about time I started making plans for the new year! Without further ado:

I Want To Do

  • Interesting Things! Every week I will either give myself a continuous challenge that lasts the full week or a one day special event. NOPE
  • Well that didn't work out at all. During the first portion of the year, I do have some vague memories of moments of variety in my otherwise somewhat monotone life (it must be, since I barely remember what I've been up to the bigger part of the year). If I'd been concious over this plan, then maybe things would've been different, but I have no memory of when I forgot about it and stopped actively seeking to greet at least one day each week with a smirk instead of a smile.

  • Martial Arts! I will start training at least one martial art, either at home or in group, for real. NOPE
  • Wonder why this did happen? I totally planned on starting with something... no time? More like waste of time. :/ I'm not in as bad shape at this time of the year as I was the previous year though, so that's got to count for something...

  • Music! I will do (at least) weekly vocal practice and start gathering equipment for professionally recording and composing stuff. ALMOST
  • Yeah. I've done something! It may be last minute, but I now have an external sound interface, a potential microphone on route and Djemba or Bongo drum coming soon. I've also recorded two semi-professional hiphop tracks for NG, created a Christmas album for grandma (a collaborational effort with my sister) and I have a few more works on route. Practice? Eh... not the most active, but at least I rhyme a bit at least every other day. I'm not as prepared for the new year, musically, as I guess I hoped I would be... but it's been all but a standstill.

I Want To Be

  • Strong! I will exercise regularly, stretch regularly and walk at least 5km every day. NOPE
  • Not even almost? I have walked at least 5km every day, though, but rarely ever stretched ('cept at the start of the year) and I've never exercised regularly ('cept at the start of the year). Actually went jogging for a few kilometers the day before yesterday, sooo... nah, not part of the plan man.

  • Self-sufficient! The goal is to become financially stable and able to sustain myself in all aspects of life. NOPE
  • I have earned... a little. Nowhere near enough to be financially self-sufficient though.

  • Calm! Don't worry be happy. :) NOPE
  • Something about an all but stable mental state here. :/ But I try! All the time! Every day! That goes by! With a roar! With a rhyme! Life is gray! In my mind! It's all about the mindset... right now I feel like I'm there, but it's not constant; never trouble-free.

I Want To Have

  • White Teeth! I will brush my teeth at least twice a day. ALMOST
  • If you add up all my brushing times, It'll probably average out to around 1,4 per day... maybe even more! :D Slowly but unsteadily, riding the streets towards whiter teeth...

  • Good Eyes! I will exercise my eyes every day. NOPE
  • Did one just now, thank you me for the reminder!

  • Less Stuff! I will buy only items that are useful or good to give away. YEPP
  • I think.... I think I made it! :D I've bought a ton of presents, I haven't bought... that much other stuff. I think most of it's useful too. Am I deceiving myself here or no? Hmm, maybe some of those games weren't entirely useful...

In conclusion, the results of my resolution have been: SHIT! MAN! But ah well, it's been a good year anyway. More on that later...


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