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Return To Blood Fart Lake (2012)

Return To Blood Fart Lake (2012)

Well this was a corny movie. Literally. Corn, cornholes and corny comedy/horror intertwined.

The theatrics are strong (also not necessarily a good thing), though the filming is bleak, and the music occasional, and the intrigue... well, it's so bad it's almost not that bad. Is it OK to rate this this low?

I want to give it a two cause somehow I did keep watching it, but it just doesn't seem worth it. It beckons to your simpler side. It does. All the way through I kept hoping it'd get better, and it never did, but I can't help not be entertained by the heavy theatrics. It's almost more theater than movie sometimes. The entertainment value lies with the expressions, and with the poster girl... I'm not sure who she is. The actors aren't yet known enough to have their photos shown on IMDB. She's the one on the cover anyway.

Overall it's a pretty shitty movie, albeit with a still entertaining theatrical B-movie vibe. The title shouldn't have you expecting too much. Watch if you will. If you're easy to entertain, and if this is the type of entertainment you wish to partake in. Why not. Maybe some day I shall partake in the original too.



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