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Revenge Of The Green Dragons (2014)

Revenge Of The Green Dragons (2014)

Revenge Of The Green Dragons (2014)

The Green Dragons were one of many gangs in the US during a time of great illegal immigration from Asian countries. The immigrants came there chasing a dream, but the people who helped them in were the ones living that dream; making a fortune. Not everybody liked immigrants, and yet it was the immigrants who went against themselves the most, spawning gangs, fighting, killing, chasing riches and a place to fit in.

It's a gritty talk, dark and oppressive, narrated by what seems like a main character. It's about gang culture, crime, and not enough justice. Complicated relationships, life, the future, and what does it take for a person to become who they are? What does it take for them to get a death wish? What does it take for them to stop caring? What does it take to become who they are? I watched the ending with a sense of apathy, as if I was becoming one of the ones I followed on the screen. It's a sad tale, but compelling, captivating and cleverly scripted. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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