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Rich Men North Of Richmond

For anyone who hasn't yet heard this soulful dole from this grand man in the land of coal here you go.

Might it be the most impactful track of the year? The one to finally ignite a revolution? To open some eyes? To change the world? To at least stir some temporal worldwide unity, sense of community, and make us all care a bit more about our neighbors? I hope so. This feels special... also. Also.

Alllright back to the North again.

But not North of Richmond! Don't fret! Just up to our own land, to our home land, to our closest counterpart here of coal land, to the cold land - it's becoming now, where I turn from a kid to a grown man. It's homely when it's summer. When the snow rolls in it's a bummer. It denotes that the time is over, and we bow for home and closure. With honor hold our composure. Which sucks man total disclosure.

See y'all in a month! Crops are growing. It's going well.


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  1. biterr
    Tuesday Aug/29/2023

    Reminder: listen to this later

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Sep/3/2023

    If reminder fails I shall remind ya!

  3. biterr
    Sunday Sep/24/2023

    Listened to it. Truly a gem.

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Sep/24/2023

    Awesome. No need to remind then! Truly... been going through some remixes of it too, pretty cool how many people this has been reaching, and each one of those even more people...

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