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Ride Along (2014)

Ride Along (2014)

The first reviewed movie of the great year 2014 it is, featuring Stone Cold Killer Ice Cube, one of my favorites, and the natural born comedian Kevin Hart. I must admit that when the movie was starting I didn't think I'd be that susceptible to laughter attacks, but towards the end I am working my lungs. Intensely. I won't spoil any of the fun, but the combination of Ice Cube's cool and Kevin Hart's... heat? What's the opposite of cool?! Well whatever it is, it's the perfect combo. This movie was great.

Let's start with the introductory twist. Ice Cube makes a deal. He and a Serbian are sitting in a dark lit (paradox yes) room making a deal, and he asks to meet Omar, a kingpin shrouded by mystery whom the other party is apparently reluctant to introduce, and I'm thinking some heavy shit is going to go down when (thank your icon I don't read plot descriptions in advance! that means spoiler alert btw)... it turns out he's a cop. The initial deal doesn't go quite as planned, but it turns out they are all closer to their goal (their suspect) than you'd think after the first scene.

Also turns out his (Ice Cube's) sister's together with a brother from another mother recently enrolled in the police academy. He wants Ice Cube's blessings, so Ice Cube gives him one day to prove himself. He doesn't do a very good job at first, but eventually his strength shines through, he overcomes his weaknesses and... well whaddayaknowyo, it turned out be a pretty entertaining movie after all! The white/black cop movies are cliche and not often as fun as they could be, but black/black cop movies? Fantastic! This bodes well for the grand new 2014 moviewise.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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