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RIP Shifty

Don't look up his final shows, remember him by this, by this, by this, or by any other of their second album tracks that should've been hits.

Unfortunately he succumbed to the rockstar lifestyle. He was the epitome of it. DJ AM died in a plane crash, Rust Epique died of a heart attack (drugs too?), now the front figure of the band, the man, Shifty Shellshock...

Crazy Town's been through some shit, as has Shifty, but I've loved their music since they first started, and still do. Bet I'll keep coming back to those first two albums my whole life, and the reunion wasn't bad either. But the first two... they're something else. They're in a realm of their own to this day, even if CT kept an original sound always. From the early KRS-One collab and onward.

Rest easy Shifty. 23/8/1974 - 24/6/2024. He almost reached fifty...


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