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RIP Stan Lee

RIP Stan Lee

And that's not even the saddest one. Oh my god... I barely knew the dude, but the feels some of these evoke...

I didn't grow up in the grand universe this great man created, but I've been spending more and more time there these last few years, so I guess I might've become a pretty big Marvel fan after all.

Didn't draw anything but I did write a poem:

Stan Lee,
He was the man see,
A Spider-Man freak,
Out in Miami.

Maybe not truthful,
But he was youthful!
It's so outlandish,
That he's gone.

I wonder then some,
If it was Venom,
That caused his downfall,
That took his life.

They say pneumonia,
But we don't know it all,
It might've been some,

In all seriousness though: this guy will sorely be missed. I'm sad to no longer see him doing those cameos he's apparently been doing the past few... lifetimes! Though his legacy will surely live on.

95's an incredible and enviable age, and he seems to have lived a good life all the way up till his final days. A true real world superhero. All the people he created, and all the people he inspired too.

Wishing him nothing but the best in whatever's coming next.


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