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Ripples of Time (Reduce) (5:10)

This one's for @Mejson! And for the entire REDUCE nation! For @MariogD and @SayMeBott, @Mazurek and Animetion(24 - now more the ref @AzureDragoonGX).

For @ChordC on instrumental creation that's been instrumental in this making! And @Jabun bespoke notable production! @Hania dope vocal combustion! And all folks who here jump in, bopping and hopping and bumping! Take a tour through the Reduce lore... let's see if you have what it takes to function in a land where spiders are big and bad-ass as a Belaz 757something. ;)

In more regular; rhymeless commentary form: I was given the honors of putting together the new theme song for the grand and long-running NG stickfigure franchise REDUCE, and this is that.

Catch and keep up with the series thus far here:

New episode on route soon! Stop by @Mejson's profile if you want to get a glimpse at or get involved with the production and story - he's the machine that keeps it all going!

Audio Credits:

ChordC - Original Instrumental and Idea.
Cyberdevil - Lyrics, Main Vocals and Coordination.
Nick Standing (Jabun) - Backing Vocals, Additional Mixing/Production, Mastering and More!
Hania - Choruses and Backing Vocals.

Twas a long haul but it wouldn't be half as wholesome without y'all. :) #Appreciation

Lyrics here.


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