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Road Wars (2015)

Road Wars (2015)

This movie feels like Mad Max but with zombies... because there were no zombies in Mad Max... right? Since the third is coming out soon, it's just the right time for a movie like this! It's a very low-budget production - you'll notice in the lack of extras (during the zombie onslaught in particular) and limited cast, but it seems they manage to make the most of their budget all the same.

The movie takes place in a somewhat limited desert area, where a few scenes (the camp, the mine; the tunnels) are all revised at least twice each. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just something I notice.

The desert landscape reminds me of Rage, and if it is a homage to Rage (or to Mad Max, which might've been the inspiration behind that game), the theme on re-visiting old locations seems natural. The violence looks natural too, apart from maybe some of the gunfire - muzzle flashes clearly special effects. In the end I'm pleasantly surprised at the lack of bad CGI, which feels like a major pitfall for so many similar movies that could've been much better. There aren't any grand explosions or other crazy catastrophes that shake the ground and rumble the solid foundation of the film, but they do play with fire a bit, and when there is blood, it looks pretty real.

Sceneries are vast and dusty, the characters not all incredibly memorable, but not overly cheesy or badly acted either. It has its twists, its ups and downs, a plot a la 'I Am Legend', but with more than just the one person, an effectual soundtrack and plenty of grit and deserted desert ambiance. A hybrid between Western, Action and Science Fiction. A bit like a more basic version of Gallow Walkers in a more modern time... but kinda different. Pretty good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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