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Robocop (2014)

Watching this makes me want to revisit the classic! This was a great movie, but does it stand up to the old version? Not at all! That one was brutal, it was grim, it had the scene with the little kid dying in a stack of money, it had Murphy getting picked apart and electrocuting himself to free himself of the mind-control device that had been planted in his head. You could say they made this one a bit more realistic in that other people are mixed in on his mission, and he gets pretty beat up in each battle. Then again, you could say it's a lot less realistic because he's waaaay more powerful than he was last time. He has that black suit and everything (not even going to make a racial joke here - they did that themselves - in the script I mean). This movie has both more and less, it's both streamlined, improved and censored, and the end-result is optimized. I'm not surprised.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate the variation. Though the movies borrows the main idea from the old movie, and still has the same basic plot to progress, the characters are different, some vital parts of the old story are turned around; plenty of old scenes are reborn in new form (and of course all technical aspects are much improved - which somehow doesn't seem as the same feat in this day and age as it was back in the day they made the original), but at the same time these differences are all attempts at making the movie appeal to a broader audience, and to make it maybe not as generic as possible... but as acceptable as possible. It's too simple. It's too stream-lined and perfect. It's not the same experience the last one was. But, hone the classics, and get entertained by the remakes, right? It was good!

Samuel Jackson is Pat Novak btw. I don't know though, he usually adds an elemental intensity to any movie he participates in, but this time it... doesn't really feel like he fits the character.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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