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Rock & Bowl!

Oh hey, long lost footage of that bowling venture before Christmas I never posted about!

Rock & Bowl

Maybe there was a reason I never posted this hmm...


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  1. S3C
    Thursday May/11/2017

    that's a pretty bad score right? don't know much about bowling. I got kicked out for playing basebowl. Damaged the floors and threw my arm out in the process. I then proceeded to open up a bowling alley called "Rock and Bowl" (naming royalties are being mailed overseas). It's a fresh alternative from the new-wave disco glow in the dark futuristic theme bowling alleys that seem to be commonplace nowadays.

  2. Cyber
    Thursday May/11/2017

    Yeah it's pretty bad...ass!!! Nah it really is pretty bad. Peer pressure. Bowling event with everybody from work. That's how it came to be how it came to be...

    Sounds like a promising new franchise you've figured out there! Could also have a restaurant that serves rocks, in bowls. Or maybe bowl cuts for rockers. Or stereo's. Bowl ties with rocks in them. If you get a tie in bowling you get a rock. Bowling with a rock. The Rock, bowling! Yeah that disco thing gets a bit distracting, I prefer the clear, clean, uplit, professional type of lighting. Where you see what's going on.

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