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Rock Star (2001)

Rock Star (2001)

Mark Wahlberg tells the tale of a rock star, a young kid with an awesome voice, with an awesome girlfriend, running a 'tribute band', who one day gets recruited to one of his favorite bands - Steel Dragon - as their lead singer's unexpectedly quiting. This young kid embarks on a crazy ride through a sex, drugs rock n' role lifestyle, at first with his girlfriend, eventually alone, and one day he comes to a realization - that all he's been is a singer for hire: the band writes the songs, he sings them, it's not what he really wants to do, and he decides to leave. That sounds a bit like the story behind KISS doesn't it? Apparently it's based on Judas Priest, so, it seems plenty of bands have similar issues. Kinda takes away the images of awesomeness I used to have for some of these legendary artists, but anyway...

Mark Wahlberg does the lead role well, and Jennifer Aston is a perfect female counterpart. The music's great (too bad Mark Wahlberg isn't actually the one singing!), the story's great, and so: the movie is great. It's inspiring. It's entertaining. It's rock and roll with a message; a good cast. Great movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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