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Run (2013)

Run (2013)

If you like parkour, then you'll like this movie! It's the story of a father and his son. They're running from the law; running from a criminal syndicate (and there's plenty of running). The father's a cripple, the son's a(n unofficial) free-runner, they're both thieves, and one day the father decides they move to NY and he finally face his past - stop running. He does so, and metaphorically, so does the son. They re-learn the values in life - the rules, and he meets some great people along the way.

It's clearly a not-incredibly-high-budget movie with the best possible actors, but it is an inspiring one, with some pretty good free-running/parkour along the way. Filmography is gritty and smooth, the story's decently gripping, but the most two important parts of it are: the motion... and the message.

There are rules in life: 1) Know your world, 2) Follow your intuition and 3) Trust the ones you love. Good movie!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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