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Runaway (1984)

Runaway (1984)

What starts as a chase after a runaway agricultural pestilence robot turns into a chase after something a bit more sinister! The main character's a cop, a macho man - almost like Burt Reynolds. There's bombs, guided missiles, chips... high-tech stuff! And a female sidekick. And a villain. Components for a basic eighties action movie all set up from the start.

It was way better than I expected though! It's always fun to see high-tech movies of the eighties - what with how different the predictions on future technology were back then, and especially when they make some impressive gadgetry in that regard.

The spiders were pretty cool, and their 'floater cam' might be the first actual drone I've ever seen in a movie (I mean first as in oldest). It didn't seem like it filmed anything, but it did seem like it could fly. Simple gadgets by our standards, but complex in their time! And that's always cool to see.

It was a pretty solid action movie overall too. It kept a good pace despite its age, and the fear of heights really came across at the end, before they unite under the fireworks.

I wonder what this would've been like to see when it was new. The perception of high-tech back in '84 definitely ain't the high-tech of our time, but it's an entertaining tech, and the movie both nostalgic and invigoratingly elaborate. Different times. Lots of switches. Different sounds. Elaborate tech-related wording.

The soundtrack was chaotic roo - probably also an attempt to be modern that in retrospect is just refreshingly strange. Overall this was refreshing. A movie from another, simpler - but all the more futuristically hopeful - time.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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