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Rush Hour (1998)

Rush Hour (1998)

I've watched this movie so many times now I thought I might've become bored with it, but no way was I bored! In fact, this time it seemed even better than last time I saw it. I should have learned by now that some movies never grow dull - like a self-sharpening Blade (plotting to give those movies a re-run soon btw). If you wonder why I'd watch this movie again, despite not expecting to be entertained, I just realized I'd reviewed both sequels. So, why not this one too? The one that started it all. The one I saw waaay before the others.

The thing I noticed most this time is that, in difference from the latter two movies, Jackie really goes all out with the stunts. His stroll along the metal beam, the introductory tangle with the container (that was close!!), and my personal favorite: the so perfectly choreographed sneak attack by Sang when Lee (Jackie) is chasing him after the big blast. And Carter (Chris) turns up at just the right time. Overall, the greatest aspect of this movie is probably the timing.

Timing is essential, and everything here is so well-timed! From the very beginning of the movie to the end of it, with Jackie singing in Tucker's ear and Tucker asking for another seat. Even though they play roles, Jackie and Tucker are a comical duo as much within as without the movie. At least the entertaining after-credit leftover sequences make it seem this way, more so than the second and (I don't remember them now, but I assume) third. :)

If you want explosions and gunfights, you got it. You want comedy? You got that too. You want a clever script, entertaining dialog and clashes between characters: those small things that set real movies apart from the others? You get that too! Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan are a perfect duo here, and their characters really balance each other out. They're not bad in the sequels either, but this really is: the one. The classic. The greatest of them all. In acting, and planning, and surprise, and cultural balance, and every fiber of it all.

Maybe they tried just a little more to make the first one perfect. Whatever it was, it worked! The plot? I'll let IMDB very concisely sum it up..

Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter.

Great watch. Again and again.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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