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Rush Hour 3 (2007)

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

I watched this movie at the movies first time I watched it. I was there with buddy Bear a Thursday afternoon long after the premiere and there were no other people in the room at all! Wish it were that empty more often, or maybe not, it would be reason enough for any cinema to go bankrupt... but still, it was nice. I laughed out more than I would ever do in a room full of people.

Though I like Jackies HK movies better than any of the newer ones, the Rush Hour series seems to go way beyond the old Jackie. It's not just about stunts any longer (the great attraction with his older movies where everything was real and everybody risked their life in the movies making), or creative martial arts. It's eh, well, of course it has some of that, but it's much more dialogue and encounters with different people. Like Shanghai Knights, but better, because, well... I don't know. Whatever.

Rush Hour 3 takes place a long time after the first movie. All the main characters are still there, and they look pretty much the same, except for the little girl who's not so little anymore. Though I doubt anything can measure up to the first movie, this is a great sequel and (maybe.... probably) end to the trilogy. Most aren't, ends to trilogies I mean, I mean the ends of trilogies usually aren't good... so I was surprised that this one was.

Everyone plays their roles just like they should, there's a lot of crazy fighting, a lot of crazy cultural clashes & as always a good plot. The encounter with blind master Yu and his disciple Mi is hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing the first time, and no matter how many times I see it it'll at least give me a smile every time.

As for the plot, the movie is about Triads. More specifically it's about a list that goes by the name of Shia Xang and reveals the names of all Triad leaders. They obviously don't want this list out in the open, so just as the ambassador (you all know from the first movie) is about to reveal something, he gets shot, and that's where the movie starts for real.

I'm curious as to if the real Triads feel offended by movies like this. I don't know who produced this movie, but if I was him I would probably be a bit scared of offending the wrong people, especially Triads. But, anyhow, back to the movie. All in all it's a great movie. Apart from the two main characters who are both more entertaining than ever there's a lot of other interesting figures in the cast, which I won't reveal here, but certainly add to the captivity of this cinematical piece of mastery.

So, yeah...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Looking forward towards a 4th with both fear that it'll be a bad end (or that it'll never be made) and anticipation that it can still get even better.

November, 2015

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

I watched the third Rush Hour movie again... and it was great! Felt like such a refreshing change of location too, at least in the beginning. The first movie made great use of place in this case, but the second one just kinda skipped back and forth, and location seemed a bit left out. At least exterior locations. Here though, the sights of Paris are clear for all to watch, and there are plenty of other city scenes where you really get to take in the sceneries in addition to the action.

The stunts are good, comedy values are high (Yu and Mi XD), and the seventh tallest person in the world (Sun Mingming) makes a guest appearance too... so that's a fun thing! All in all it's a great movie. Clean, professional and creatively entertaining, with plenty of humorous Jackie/Tucker combos. They seem to be in great shape! Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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