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Safe House (2012)

Safe House (2012)

I didn't realize I grew up in such a great era of film.

The flies a buzzing. The cars by the bridge. The glass and gruesomeness, the honorable yet unexpected death, and a Jay-Z feature to match the Denzel action acting. This was massive. Better than The Departed. Better than Heat. Better than any regular spy movie of today.

They do go overboard with shaky cam, saturated sunshine and close-up shots occasionally, but the acting's solid, and the action's solid, and everything just permeates professionalism, and desperation, both. Organized chaos. Charisma. Fearless resolve. Scrutiny and savagery. It's the CIA ey. It's not fancy - it's real.

Not sure if it's truly a top tier score movie but... yeah I think so.

And Ryan's been around a round huh. Didn't realize he'd tried so much more than the comedy we now know him for.

Great watch.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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