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Sahara (1995)

Sahara (1995)

No war without honor, and no honor quite like this one!

It's like a sand-based take on The Alamo. That legendary battle in the Sahara in which... well, let us not reveal too much, but it involves a group of allies, and a group of Nazis, and it takes place in 1942, and it stars Jim Belushi as the main Sarge.

It's an American war movie, but the patriotism doesn't take over, the characters have personality, and the sets are well-designed. It might not all seem like real war when it starts out, but you get into it after a bit. Ride those dunes and see what impressions you get.

I was just made aware there was an earlier version of this movie made all the way back in 1943, just moments after the event itself; while the war was still going! Intrigued to see how they made it back then. Up next.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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