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SARS-29 (2020)

SARS-29 (2020)

I do applaud a creative approach in managing to bring both current problems of the world and potential future ones to light, and as they say: There comes a time when you grow tired of just sitting around and waiting to die. Somehow you need to live again.

The floating intro effects were cool too. And Morgan Freeman narrative?!


Overall this all feels a bit similar to 5G Zombies though, with a slightly new direction, but though visuals are somewhat better and there is certain footage between interviews... it's basically still just the running time of a regular movie filled with audition tapes.

TLDW: Take back the world from all these big banks and corporations, and only an idiot doesn't see now that the virus was initially engineered as a bioweapon. Some informational gems, some charming people, but overall.... pretty crap as far as movies go..

 rated 2/5: decent


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