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Satan Returns (1996)

Satan Returns (1996)

I miss the creative days. When they made movies like this. Visual. Sensual. Grotesque occasionally, but creatively so.

It's a thriller/horror movie with Donnie Yen innit, plus the beautiful Chingmy Yau, who just so happens to be Satan's daughter in the film.

Satan's not demonish enough a name? Never mind cultural differences that reflect themselves in the translation choices. It is a good movie.

What's nice about it - not that it's a movie you'd generally consider 'nice' - are also the fights. You don't usually get martial arts and horror these days, but in Hong Kong it seems like for a while you did, so if that's your thing this here's a gem for you to swallow. It's more fight than horror.

But not all fight. It's good. Gritty. Ambivalent.

It gets predictable after a while but still not without an emotional trail behind it... it starts off really atmospheric too.

Great cast. Great milieu.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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