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Sausage Party (2016)

Sausage Party (2016)

An animated, American, Disney-style movie for adults! Who would've expected this? And with adult I mean: crude, coarse, and full of sexual innuendo. And plain sex scenes. With animated food. That was... oddly exciting.

I've seen serious animated movies before, but never anything quite like this. I've seen provocative and profane, but not like this. I'm reminded a bit of that Simpsons movie from 2008, though this goes hurdles beyond, and with an animation style and quality remarkably close to Pixar, the combination of content and presentation feels pretty weird.

The voice acting roster is top of the line too, boasting such unexpected talents as Salma Hayek and Edward Norton. It makes me wonder how they were coaxed into participating in something like this. Incredibly big bucks? That or I suppose they too may have a silly sense of humor well-hidden under that facade of seriously professional talent, and a will to bend the borders when they're offered the opportunity. As any actor with true passion should. Of course.

There's Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen (the main sausage) too, but they're the expected cast for this kind of movie, and Nick Kroll voices the terrible Douche - main movie villain. The one villain within the same dimension. As it turns out, the humans - once perceived as Gods within the Supermarket realm, are the worst fiends of all.

The truth is uncovered ever so slowly, after unnecessarily heavy smoking sessions and hesitant passage through the store, but eventually they get there, and it gets crazy. The crazy scenes really are crazy, and the clashes between comedy and grotesque and eerie are sudden and confusing. Should you laugh? Should you cry? Should you look away? At least there's a bit more preparation before the sexual scenes.

But let us get back to basics: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence. That's what it's all about. A sausage and a bun, who through a tragic chain of events both get pulled out of their packages - in which they waited pure and untouched for the Gods to take them out of the stores, and cast out into the cruel world and cold linoleum floor beyond the safety of the shelves on which they've dwelled.

It may all sound crazy and dandy, but there's also a darker side to it all, because it pokes fun at some of the most sacred aspects of society as we know it. But you know what? I like the religious jokes. The juice. The stupid jokes. The gum. The sexual jokes... well, some of them. I'm not as fond of all the drugs, but they're interweaved into the story in a way that'd make it hard to tell without. Seth Rogan steers the way, and provokes to the point where some people just can't seem to stomach it. Which must mean it's doing something right. If you can't laugh at yourself, then how can you laugh at anybody else?

The symbolism is easy to see, though maybe not as easy to accept. Aren't we all a bit like food in a supermarket? It's a genius corelation to me, that brings up a countless number of relevant (and controversial) topics in regard to our life, and you can find as much more as you want if you search the symbolism yourself. Expiry dates. Freshness. Shelves (the pyramid scheme of society). False Gods...

I admit I'm more pro-Atheist than I am pro-Christian when it comes to in-movie propaganda, simply because the logic appeals to me - and pro-Atheist movies of the sort are few and far between, though having this particular strain of logic proclaimed by an otherwise obscene and stupid pack of foods probably doesn't give the best impression.

I hope they don't give us non-believers a bad rep. I hope people don't start seeing non-believers as drug-induced anarchists who have orgies in public places and not only disavow but slaughter their old Gods.

Was there any intention at all with this movie, or is the motive simply to make fun of all we heed as holy, and open our eyes a little to... objectivity? To thinking outside the box? Food for thought.

I can watch a good Christian movie too as long as the message isn't all too angled, and it makes me wonder: is the Atheist message here too angled?

I don't know. We all have bias based on what we believe, and since I believe what I do, maybe this gave me more laughs than it would have if the message was another; more prophetic one.

But either way: be it profound and provocative by intention, or just the Seth Rogan-style of crazy by nature, I had a ball with it. The wordplay's witty, the red line is easy to follow, and the script picks on fragile pecking points within society as we know it - there's even a musical part, and in the end it goes beyond its own world. The jokes won't all appeal to all, or all appeal at all, but it was refreshingly unrestricted overall.

Though I would've liked some things different, I can't help be excited by the prospect that maybe this opened the doors for what we'll allow with animations in the future.

What's next? Whatever it is: I'll be looking forward to it.

 rated 3/5: not bad

July, 2019

Sausage Party (2016)

Frigging masterpiece. Master pickle. Fucking A. Religion, existentialism and everything - it doesn't just mix together all potential controversies within the same movie, but it ties them together in both such a genius and such a revealing way too. And it's hilarious. And emotional. And everything.

So witty, too. There's no end to the wordplay.

I could do without the surplus on drugs, because I just can't relate to that bit, but otherwise I love every second of this, and watching this again I'm surprised it really captivated so much. From start to finish. I was hoping for an opportunity to skim but it never presented itself. Had to watch it all the way. Again. It wasn't that long ago either...

I'm also shocked that I rated it as low as I did last time. Maybe I didn't want to admit how entertained I really was by such crude humor. Or maybe it takes a couple rounds for it to really sink it. For you to... sink to their level.

But it's a good level to be. No shame.

I originally left half of this movie as a reward for later, for after I'd gone through all currently unrevised movies on the site (I gotta revise my habits with that shizzle), but I just couldn't wait, so I ditched the work and ended the day with this anyway.

Maybe these savage sausages and even badder buns are putting me under the influence here. Bad influence. It's the perfect kind.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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