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Seal Team Eight - Behind Enemy Lines (2014)

Seal Team Eight - Behind Enemy Lines (2014)

This movie was like a videogame, only I wasn't the one playing it. People are flying everywhere, getting blown up, getting shot down, rolling around in the dust, wading around in swamps - or water - or thorny desert brush, flying over the dam. Damn! The camera follows the like a ghost, like it's scripted, and sometimes it pans out to a top-down view so you get a full glimpse of the overall strategy.

Sometimes it pans out to capture a vast landscape or pans in to funnel sunlight through a grove of trees. There's beautiful scenery mixed in with the action, and I'm reminded of both Resident Evil 5 and Max Payne 3 somehow... though there are no concrete similarities. And note: no elements of the supernatural either. There is however a great deal of action, and in the final scene when the loner runs through the slums, chased by the masses, by good fortune stumbling into a weapon shop before it all goes crazy... well it's as intense as it can get. And the action feels realistic too.

The plot's a military complot, awesomely Americanized, terrorists and all that - you know the deal. If you watch this it probably isn't as much for the plot as for the action, though there's nothing wrong with plot either. It has a twist. It has good actors. It has loss and vengeance and in the end both humility and justice. Good watch.

And btw, no idea why the guy above features on the cover. He's not main character at all.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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