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Secret Headquarters (2022)

Secret Headquarters (2022)

Teenage movie. Clean visuals. Comical moments. Owen Wilson the immortal - like seriously he doesn't change it's crazy!

It's immaculately made, there's lotsa awesome gadgetry, and it stars an awkward teenage hero who of course both gets the girl and excels at all things he initially thought he was inferior at.

Twenty years ago I would have LOVED this.

I'm not the right age group now, but it is good.

I also seriously wondered if this might've actually been a Scooby Doo movie for a moment at the beginning. Owen looks a lot like Shaggy, speeding down a mysterious forest road in an old green VW bus... just the rest of the mystery gang's missing there.

After that I wondered if it might turn into something like E.T. instead.

But no. Very different.

I really get into it after a while though, and it's not as harmless as it seems either... even if the main villain's more harmless than expected (is this the third time I see him in a superhero movie though?! Ant-Man first, and then... some other one...).

Feel sorry 'bout that Hawaii guy, the only positive moral-inclined villain in the bundle.


 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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