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Set (2021)

A movie on the art and sport of table setting/scaping?! Why not!

I immersed myself in this waaay more than I thought I would too.

Not so much because of the old women they interviewed regarding the sport - fascinating ladies though, especially the second placer - but more so because of the sceneries, and how it seems almost like the detail that went into the sets rubbed off on the filming as well. It looks so good. So clean. So fresh. So balanced and well-designed... especially in the beginning.

Maybe you get a newfound appreciation for the design film-wise when you're learning to appreciate the in-film details in regard to the sets they make. Maybe that's why it turned out so good. With colors and angles and contrasts and balances and little nuances here and there...

Maybe the director would rather work on a set like this than a movie set?

After seeing this a part of me wonders why I wasted my time on something like this, but another part's glad I did. It's refreshingly simple and mundane but also eye-opening and inspiring. Passionate people inspire. Even if they seem mostly old or housewives living a lavish LA lifestyle I do envy.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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