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Sex Files - Portrait Of The Soul (1998)

Sex Files - Portrait Of The Soul (1998)

You know X-Files, right? The movies and shows about aliens and stuff? It shouldn't be a surprise the name's been played with a bit, X and all, but apparently there's a whole series of movies with this particular spin-off name! If they're all part of the same series or not I don't know (directors seem to differ), but what's clear at least is that they shouldn't be confused with the also similarly titled TV show, which is strictly edutainment (and seems intriguing too! I might check it out one day).

This is however fiction entirely, sensual softcore sci-fi with demons, ghouls, goblins and all types of other supernatural beasts... or in the case of this particular movie: a somewhat more sexual take on the iconic story of Dorian Gray. The tagline: What does 200 years of Evil look like?

Apparently 200 years of Evil looks pretty good, but the innocent victims of this particular evil look even more so.

It's not a bad take on the classic. Superficial it may be, but the actors (actresses in particular) all look fantastic, the scenes are good, there's soft rock music playing in all the more intimate scenes, and that's basically it.

The script does the original title justice even if the dialog otherwise is really not the selling point of this particular film. It has its fierier moments, with a little both decent and indecent acting in between.

It seems a bit hard to see the distinction between regular film and porn sometimes, but this is classed as mystery, so that's that.

No mystery. It is a movie after all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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