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Shaft (2019)

Shaft (2019)

They gave Shaft a reboot! Samuel Jackson's classic OG cop role, and I dig it.

...or was it a thug role? I don't really know yo. Just like I wasn't entirely sure this movie would be as good as the last. Samuel looked kinda worn for a moment, though the irresistible opening.... daaaamn. Now that's an intro.

I was feeling a bit sorry for said OG in the beginning though, and I didn't feel for the younger OG either. Felt like they might be on the wrong track with this reboot. Following trends. Modernizing. Actually getting feminine and vegan (not that there's anything wrong with being vegan) and all that jazz. But I was wrong. They get back to how it should be. Tough. Awesome. When the whole family starts getting involved is when it starts getting really good - both feelgood and bad-ass.

They're a crazy family y'all. Especially the pops.

I was getting disappointed till I was getting overjoyed, and the movie turned on me completely. I love it. Love the throwback in the beginning too, even if it's a break-up scene. All those good cars collected there...

Feels like you see the CGI sometimes, but for the most part I'm impressed with the details also. The final fall. The way the body bumps against the building a bit further down. The thoroughly shot up car. The smoke and mirrors with the elevator, and the slow-mo romance gunfight, all those things, it just gets better and better.

It's comedy. Action. Love. Guns blazing all the way, an appreciative Method Man in a minor role and unexpectedly solid character development, though maybe they had a bit too much soundtrack occasionally, and it feels like the FBI confrontation scene wasn't necessary either. Could've ended up with straight up love and bad-assery. No compromise required.

But this was grand, and wholesome.

Hope they have another one planned another nineteen years down the line, then maybe Samuel J can play the old man for real and let the next one take over. And at that time maybe we actually won't mind.

Right now he's still in his prime.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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